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But it’s pretty clear Aaron Paul is not most actors.

Take the time a family of tourists pulled up outside his house in the Hollywood Hills: instead of hiding inside, Aaron jumped out to greet them.

This is the guy who’s infiltrated our everyday lingo with ‘yo’ and ‘bitch’, inspired more beanies than Cara Delevingne and almost made me want to buy a hoodie.

All of which makes Aaron Paul, who played Jesse for five seasons of Netflix’s Breaking Bad, the coolest guy on telly, right? I’m not sure I recognise the man on the phone to me from LA.

Indignant that “I truly feel like I’ve lived as Jesse”, he’s also regularly dreamt as him – “I’ve been shot at and thought I was going to die; I was so wrapped up in that world.” It’s all a stark contrast from his ‘very sheltered’ upbringing in Boise, Idaho, the youngest of five children. She had a boyfriend, Aaron had a huge crush and, a year later at the same festival, they got together. “We ran off and had our first kiss on the Ferris wheel. Thankfully she wasn’t, marrying him two years later in a Gatsby-themed ceremony in Malibu where John Mayer performed.

He had only “documentaries, You Tube clips and interviews with addicts and recovering addicts to help him wrap his head around a role that demanded (among other atrocities and in between the meth-cooking and pipe-smoking) grimly disposing of bodies, being captured and tortured and waking up next to a dead overdosed girlfriend. They wanted to keep me out of harm’s way, so I didn’t grow up going to parties in high school. Then in 1998, with his ,000 saving and his parents’ support (his mother, Darla, actually drove with him to LA), he embarked on a decade as a jobbing actor, appearing in everything from The X Files, to ER until along came Breaking Bad. And the biggest Hollywood bromance since Bradley Cooper and Gerard Butler, judging by the award-ceremony PDAs and LOL-some Buzzfeed articles dedicated to them. Aaron is animated, giddy, even, when talking about his 28 year-old wife – a documentary filmmaker who runs Finding Kind, a non-profit, anti-bullying organisation, whom he met at Coachella music festival in 2010. Don’t be terrified but I truly believe that, one day, I’m going to ask you to marry me.” Grossed out?This super-fly gent working ever red carpet (Breaking Bad has won twelve Emmy’s, two Golden Globes and 3 SAG Awards, whilst Aaron himself has won 13 awards altogether for his role as Jesse), with his equally popular sidekick, the show’s lead actor Bryan Cranston (Walter White), is a better actor than possibly any of us imagined.“I’m drawn to these roles because they make me feel emotions I’m not used to feeling,” he says, referring to Jesse as well as the equally tortured speed-freak mechanic Tobey Marshall in Need for Speed, and suicidal JJ in A Long Way Down. That’s why I gravitate to the dark side; for me, it’s more exciting.He attended Centennial High School in Boise, graduating in 1998.After graduation, Paul drove to Los Angeles in his old car with only his mother and ,000 in savings.Paul portrayed young small-town resident Mike Zizzo, the leader of a self-proclaimed, cult-like Satanic group called the Lords of Destruction and a suspect in the murders committed by Cory Bridges.He appeared in the Season One episode The Popular Kids.Read our exclusive interview with Aaron Paul, the actor behind our favourite badboy Breaking Bad's Jesse Pinkman Addict, murderer, drug dealer… If Breaking Bad is the greatest TV show in the world (it is actually in the Guinness World Records as the highest-rated TV series), then complex meth-machine Jesse Pinkman will surely go down in history as one of the small screen’s most loveable and talked-about characters ever.At least that’s the vibe I got from everyone (excitable colleagues, unusually impressed older brothers and a Heisenberg T-shirt wearing boyfriend), when I mention I’m interviewing TV’s most wanted.Aaron Paul Sturtevant (credited as Aaron Paul) is an American actor and producer best known for his role as Jesse Pinkman in Breaking Bad.Paul was born in Emmett, Idaho, on August 27, 1979.


  1. Aaron Paul's smarmy social media posts about his wife just took a turn for the worst.

  2. Mar 18, 2010. Fortunately for the actor Aaron Paul, the producers of AMC's “Breaking. blackmail, murder and other felonies; lost his girlfriend as a result of her drug. Mr. Paul who was born Aaron Paul Sturtevant moved from his native.

  3. By Lucy Moore 27 August 2014. Aaron Paul · Aaron Paul turns 34 today so we see who he's dated since his rise to stardom- it looks like he has a thing for the.

  4. Sep 1, 2015. Happy Birthday Aaron Paul, the genius actor behind our favourite badboy. let's be honest, we only talked three times and we dated for a year and a half. instated 'Aaron Paul Sturtevant his real surname Day' on 1 October.

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