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You get send down in the middle with a flying mount, where you enter an underground area, called Deepholm.

This is a very earthen place, very epic and again very unique.

And most of the quests involve finding pieces to restore the center world pillar.

After this you either get send to Uldum or Twilight Highlands, both amazing and unique in their own way.

World of Warcraft: Cataclysm is the game I'm talking about of course.

Being a big fan of the series I pre-ordered this baby on and was online in less then 1 hour after the launch time.

New quests make new players get to know the game faster and in a very fun way.

Adult chat 17930-60Adult chat 17930-79

He is channeling into the Maelstrom to keep the world pillar up, so the world doesn't collapse.Thus again, you really want to be in a nice guild with friends.You now can do 10 or 25 man, while receiving the same loot ( less quantity in 10man) and the same achievements.These zones are Mount Hyjal where you get welcomed by Deathwing and Ragnaros (hell yes) and Vashj'ir where you get owned bu a giant octopus when you are just arriving on a boat.Both zones are completely unique and have an amazing atmosphere to them, in fact the whole zone Vash'ir is underwater, yes underwater.This is why the first 20 or so quests involve you trying to earn a seahorse on which you can ride later on and use as a super fast underwater mount (450% speed).As soon as you hit 81-82 you get send to Deepholm which is in the Maelstrom, yes if you ever wondered if you would ever get to see that area, you will in this expansion.So yeah the third expansion from Blizzard Entertainment has hit the shelves a week back (December 7th) and it is more epic then I could imagine.This expansion brings back awesome team-play in both Pv E and Pv P and makes it more challenging, thus more enjoyable then ever before.Without going to deep into it, I personally think the system is awesome and is a good improvement.Talking about Pv E, dungeons are a lot harder and need more teamwork and effort, especially if you do them on heroic mode.


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