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The game plays with the expectations of genres: aside from the obvious change in expectations (you date birds), the game is very self-referential and plays with tropes inherent in video games.Hatoful Boyfriend shifts into a fighting style game during one potential suitor's route, and the second half of the full version turns into a dark, espionage thriller.Despite Western thought, dating sims are not necessarily pornographic.In fact, pornographic dating sims are a sharp minority in commercial dating games.The adult games page is easily more popular, with some games reaching views in the millions.

There have been multiple spin-offs (such as puzzle games) and multiple adaptations (such as an anime, Tokimeki Memorial Only Love.) Aspects of dating sims have been transferred into modern non-dating sim games.Just like how there are multiple suitors, each suitor has multiple endings.The endings typically come in two types: good ending and bad ending.Good interactions boost your meter, bad interactions reduce it.In order to woo a suitor and get the "good ending," the player needs to pick the best choice out of multiple options (usually two to three) that reflects the suitor's personality.For example: in Fire Emblem: Awakening, pairing up two units in battle improves their relationship, which can grant "rank" upgrades in the Social menu.Upgrading a character's social rank unlocks cutscenes where character pursue romantic relationships or improve their friendships.The player needs to keep his relationship up with all the potential suitors.If one falls too low, then the suitor gains a "bomb." When the suitor has a bomb, then she'll gossip about the player to the other characters, lowering his relationship with them.Ends can be fairly bittersweet: a good end can involve the couples in a long distance relationship or a deathbed confession of love, but it does involve the couple getting together.In most games, the relationship between the avatar and the potential suitor is measured in a meter.


  1. Feb 18, 2015. Thank you to our good buddy OzMortal for the early birthday present of HuniePop! Available on Steam. This game is a Puzzle/Dating.

  2. May 11, 2014. The most basic definition of the dating sim is a game where the. has two main dating sim pages an all ages one and a page for adult games.

  3. Noah & Kacie Amariih + Kacie. Live Skype Dating · Alexis & Austin Alexis & Ethan. Live Skype Dating · Rebeckah & Holden Mike & Frootybangs. Live Skype.

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