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I expose myself to them in ways my x-husband has never seen me and it excites me so much I orgasm repeatedly.

The younger one I see once a week and the other guy comes 2 or 3 times a month and both live with their parents.

Security Pro File: Web app security pioneer dishes on his teenage security career, his love of electric scooters, Ace Ventura and a new baby food business venture with his wife and famed chef, Kathy Fang.

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I would go to malls and try on underware and bathing suits making sure the door or curtain was the most visible from outside.

I abuse and let him abuse me like I do the two other guys.

Why I don't know for sure but I purposely try to humiliate them and am successful most of the time.

They know by now whats going to happen as soon as I rub some KY on their anus.

Sometimes I start with a small dildo but always use a vibrator.


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