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Compare the serial number with known serial numbers and years of production.

It gets the energy it needs to run from temperature and atmospheric pressure changes in the environment, and can run for years without human intervention.

Clocks made in the 1990s have a serial number in the 650,000 to 704,000 range.

Though there is no known published reference books that date or 'grade' Atmos Clocks based on age or condition, the Chart below may be helpful in determining the age of your Atmos Clock.

A good way of determining the approximate value of your particular clock is to regularly visit on-line Auction Sites; look for clocks at auctions similar to yours, comparing your clock to identical ones with the final "winning bid amounts".

Prices at auction sites are often reflective of the current market value of most any item.


  1. DATE, SERIAL #, MODEL / CALIBER. 1945-1959, 25000-59000, 519. 1950-1959, 60000-69999, 522. 1950-1959, 70000-106999, 526-5. 1960-1980, 107000-.

  2. A rare and important Jaeger Lecoultre 150th Anniversary gilt brass Atmos clock, circa 1983, Atmos patented movement, 14 jewels with white dial with pierced.

  3. Atmos Serial Numbers. Serial Number. 25,000-59,000. Unknown, identical to Model 522. 60,000-69,999. 70,000-107,000. 107,001-599,999. 600,000 and up.

  4. Oct 24, 2011. The date a LeCoultre Atmos clock was made can help you determine its value. A serial number can be used to date a vintage LeCoultre Atmos.

  5. Jan 18, 2017. A Web page devoted to the dating of the Atmos clock & Herschede clock.

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