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Benefits consolidating subsidiaries

The aggregators are directly connected to insurers and banks’ softwares that price premiums, and display real-time contracts, sorted by price and characteristics.

Internet users can then purchase insurance policies online or by phone via call centres of insurers or credit institutions.

The website is directly linked to insurers’ pricing software, and displays their quotes directly sorted by price and characteristics depending on the requests of Internet users.

Chiarezza then enables Internet users to subscribe online insurance policies via the insurers’ website or by phone via their call centres.

As a result, it is now a leader in managing funding and subsidies for local authorities, fuel cards in Africa and for local authorities with its various platforms, such as, for example, access management for sports and leisure centres.

It assists businesses and local authorities with tailor-made e-money solutions.

Applicam boasts unique expertise in designing and using e-money solutions, spanning a variety of services and media.

Thanks to its scalable business model, is ideally positioned to benefit from the digital shift occurring in the European insurance and banking space and to capture the significant market potential ahead.

Neo Xam is a leading provider of investment accounting, investment management and data management software solutions.


  1. NDE’s dedicated Export Department supplies stainless steel and other corrosion resistant products to Mines and Projects in Africa and is experienced in all aspects of sourcing, overseeing any semi-fabrication required, consolidating loads, and

  2. Owliance is a leading independent outsourcing platform, focusing on health and general insurance with onshore and near-shore platforms. The group operates on behalf of a variety of clients encompassing insurance companies, mutual health insurance providers, employee benefits institutions and insurance brokers.

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