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Black millionaire dating club

He was still so busy fussing with it he hadn't actually tasted it yet."I'm just so tired of being the responsible one. And I'm not even that responsible." I looked at Langston, who didn't disagree with my statement. I think this sounds very healthy.""I'm not saying marry a man only for his money.

I decided to remember that, for some other day when I felt like getting mad at him. I just think if he did have money, it would be nice.""Yes, you say that now," Langston said, "but just like my mother says-you go looking to a man for a free ride, and you never worked so hard in your life.""What if I do like him? Apparently he hadn't considered this as a possibility. You're presuming I won't like the guys I'm set up with. And we're not even going to talk about what they look like.

So on my first day back in the land of Singleville, I decided to celebrate my newly adopted singleness by meeting my single friend Langston for a cup of coffee, which I prefer with a single packet of sugar.

""That's not what this is.""That's what it sounds like.

Fate wanted me to pick up the phone."Hello, and thank you for calling the Gay Millionaires Club," said the peppy voice on the other end. I opened my computer and found a recent picture of myself at the beach, and then typed some cheesy drivel highlighting my outgoing personality, sense of adventure and desire to meet a "successful" mate. "This is a message for Daniel." The woman's voice was filled with personality, energy and ideas of how she was going to find me a rich man.

"This is Judy, president of the Gay Millionaires Club. I need you to come into my office so we can discuss your future."I arrived at my appointment 10 minutes early. Excuse the mess, but if I clean this place up I won't know where anything is." She bounced from her desk to various tables in the office, picking up random files and papers; her two-tone green silk suit fluttered in her wake as she buzzed busily about.

Every man I had met in the past five years had a headshot, a demo reel or a guitar in the back of his car, none of which were making them any money.

Clearly I needed help breaking this habit."So go find a man with a job." Langston was looking at his drink. ""Because marriage for social advancement is destined to lead to a life of happiness?


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