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Other animals such as polecats, ferrets, meerkats, fennec foxes, lorises, pygmy hedgehogs, mini-lop rabbits, marmosets etc.will only be accepted for carriage if they are tamed.Skippers with birds should be covered with a thick opaque cloth.Skippers (pet carriers) transported onboard the aircraft may not be placed near emergency exits, and may not block evacuation paths, cause discomfort to other passengers, or interfere with the passenger service.

The skipper or pet carrier should be designed to prevent any spillage of absorbent material.If the skipper dimensions exceed the established limits, the passenger will be offered to have the pet transported in the aircraft’s baggage hold (if possible).The skipper or pet carrier should have sufficient space for the animal carried, and should have ventilation openings as well as a secure locking device that cannot be disengaged accidentally.The microchip implantation date must be earlier than the vaccination date.The rabies vaccination must be performed no later than 21 days before the trip. Carriage of animals without rabies vaccination is prohibited.Passengers carrying pets in a skipper in the aircraft cabin may not occupy seats in the emergency exit row, the first row of Economy Class seats after the bulkhead, or within the same block of seats with passengers traveling with children or other passengers carrying pets, except when pets are used to each other (live in the same family) and are transported under the same booking. For legislative requirements governing the import or export of animals, please check with the embassy or consulate of the country of origin, destination or transit.The owner of the animal or bird is responsible for compliance with the legislation of the country of origin, destination or transit.Please check with the embassy or consulate of the country of departure and the country of arrival for any special regulations applicable to import and export of animals and birds.In order to be accepted for air carriage, your pet must have a microchip implanted and must be vaccinated against rabies (if required by law).Regardless of the weight and breed, guide dogs accompanying visually impaired passengers and dogs of the Federal Executive Authority Canine Service accompanying employees of the Federal Executive Authority Canine Service may be transported in the aircraft cabin provided they have a collar, a muzzle and a leash.Guide dogs assisting disabled passengers are carried free of charge, and may accompany minors aged above 12 years.


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