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They’ve upped numerous specs on it compared to past trainers, most notably around accuracy.I’ve had the trainer since July, and have had a fair bit of time using and testing it.You’ll also get the LED lights illuminated at the rear of the trainer.

You can install any of the major cassette types (Shimano 9/10/11 speed, plus an adapter for campy), so this does give you flexibility.

Also like usual, I’ll be sending it back to them upon completion of this review. If you found the review useful, you can pickup the Elite Drivo and other gadgets from Clever Training at the bottom of this review. So I got the equivalent of carrying a bottle of whisky in a brown bag to conceal it’s true identity.

In doing so DCR Readers save 10% and support the site. No worries, I’m reasonably certain a printed sleeve won’t impact accuracy.

Typically you don’t get a cassette in there, but they included one just in case I didn’t have one handy. After removing the shelf (which also contains the feet seen above), you’ll see the trainer below: It’s easiest to just pick up the whole kit like a small dog and take it out of the box.

Once done, you’ll have this tidy little picture: Just to recap on the parts list, we’ll run through them all.


  1. Roll up, roll up! For March’s issue we’re gearing up for the London Bass Guitar Show, chatting with Therapy. Alter Bridge and Doll Skin, and reviewing basses from Dingwall, Chowny and ESP.

  2. Earlier this summer Elite launched four new trainers/rollers, and in doing so greatly simplified their trainer lineup. Previous to that they had enough trainers to allow each member of the Brady Bunch both a primary and backup trainer. Never mind the fact that they were confusingly named.

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