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Cutler Ridge Jones was born on January 11, 2017, and celebrated his first birthday this month.Now, Chipper Jones and Taylor Higgins’ baby’s birthday celebrations have been topped by his dad getting inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame!Congrats to the rest of my brothers w/ the Kansas Stars!pic.twitter.com/e2Ap Xv Z1Dc — Chipper Jones (@Real CJ10) August 7, 2017 Although she rarely posts on social media, Higgins shows her support for the Atlanta Braves during games.Find out about the MLB star’s gorgeous wife, right here in our Taylor Higgins wiki.Chipper Jones met Karin Fulford while playing for the Atlanta Braves’ Class A affiliate in Georgia.

Chipper Jones is one of four legends elected, one of the largest classes ever inducted into the Hall of Fame.In 20, Jones played left field before returning to third base in 2004.Standing 6' 4" (76 inches (190 cm)) tall and weighing 210 pounds (95 kg) throughout his playing career, Jones threw right-handed and was a switch hitter.Both are huge reasons for this happy family to celebrate! On November 16, Jones, an Atlanta Braves legend, tweeted out this fantastic message to his approximately 209,000 followers: “Divorce finalized...great time with ex-teammates and friends last nite. Some of you know her as Playboy model Lexi Ray, a “Coed” who specialized in naked shower videos and your run-of-the-mill naked photo shoots. He finished with a career batting average of over .300.They have three sons—Larry Wayne III (Trey), Tristen, and Shea Jones.However, they separated in June 2012, and their divorce was finalized in November.The sports blogosphere has a new fascination with “Lexi Ray Taylor,” a cocktail waitress and Playboy model, who is also Chipper Jones’ new girlfriend.Busted Coverage first reported the relationship on Thursday, which skyrocketed her popularity to heights she never even imagined when she was doing shower videos and posing on rooftops for the online edition of the dirty magazine.The former Atlanta Braves’ third baseman, who gave the Mets a run for their money for 19 years, was inducted in his first year of eligibility.It’s double the celebration in the Jones family in January as Taylor Higgins is celebrating both her husband and her son!


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