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Like so many of the characters we create, ethnicity, religious beliefs... He uses an old tape recorder to record memories of his first true love, the late Gwen Stacy. The Our Father is pretty well universal among all Christian faiths - it's taken straight out of the Bible... IIRC [If I recall correctly], here's the Catholic Clix you can play: Daredevil Huntress Nightcrawler Possible Catholics (or lasped Catholics): Kingpin Gambit Hawkeye Catwoman (her sister was a nun) Plastic Man Due to strong guilt and responsibilites the following could be Catholic (or Jewish): Spider-Man Blue Beetle spanishyoda 05/26/2003, A good argument for Spidey being Catholic in comics are: A: May Parker's maiden name is Reiley, and given her age and region of the country that she grew up in it could be assumed that she is Catholic. I've been to Lutheran funeral that look a lot like Catholic, as do Orthodox. Given that Uncle Ben's of Irish descent (based on his last name) it would stand to reason that he's Catholic.

and all of the things that make people who they are only come into play if they're an important part of what makes up the interesting aspects of a character from a storytelling perspective. Peter speaks as if talking directly to Gwen, recounting events from the time they had together. B: I believe in the ASM issue where Peter proposes to Mary Jane, Aunt May donated his old microscope to a Catholic Church for a fund raiser. I wouldn't use the "Our Father" as a sign of being Catholic. The same is true with the ideas of confession and alter boys. There's a very large presence of Irish Catholics in New York.

Characters in the comic books from major publishers such as Marvel and DC have traditionally exhibited an unrealistic lack of religious affiliation and religious identity. I think Peter Parker and Stever Rogers, (Spidey and Capt. Peter may be a lapsed church goer, but I always got the feeling that if Steve Rogers could find more time, he'd be in church every Sunday... Peter Parker would be less relatable to if they gave him one religion.

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The Vision analyzed data about who had been taken and who had not, and explained his analysis (Now that the appropriate files have been examined I believe I have sufficient hard data to put forth that theory I mentioned earlier. The article's material about Spider-Man drew heavily from this "Religious Affiliation of Spider-Man" page. However that could just be a NYC thing, I never picked it up when I lived there. However thinking about it more and more, I have seen him celebrate Christmas. Jean_genie 08/22/2003, Christmas is a lot like Saint Patrick's Day, in that most people celebrate it for the celebration itself, and not so much for its meaning.

Whatever the source of your power, you are tied to the Spider. We're still working out the finer details, but it basically works like this: He does something really spiteful . "I think when I go to superheroes, I see there is a religious metaphor to begin with," says comic-book writer Steven T. contained a list of the "suspected" religions of superheroes... 2) - the 9/11 issue focusing on the aftermath of the destruction of the World Trade Center. I'm also amazed at how well diversified the hero population seems to be.

It is your icon, your totem, the template for your identity. Newsweek also listed Spider-Man as a Protestant, The Thing as Jewish, The Hulk as a lapsed Catholic, Daredevil as a Catholic, Batman as a lapsed Catholic or disaffected Episcopalian and Captain America as a Protestant... In this story, Spider-Man appears to argue with God about to why these things have happened. As for Spider-Man/Peter Parker, I always felt as though he was Protestant, but I couldn't put a finger on it.

In direct contrast, one would have to assume that due to Peter Parker's Irish heritage (Parker/Fitzgerald), he's most likely of Christian Protestant beliefs, yet while there have been rare instances when he's reached out to God, it's not an important makeup of his character... In this issue, a powerful being who identified herself as "the Goddess" kidnapped the superheroes she had identified as being the most religious active superheroes at the time. You get to figure everything out for yourself and when you do, it'll make all the difference in the world. War HULK 05/26/2003, Just because someone is "raised" in a certain religion does not mean that they choose to be a member of said religion once they are on their own. He fights against the forces of evil because he is trying to make up for his original sin of letting the burglar go that killed Uncle Ben.

The Goddess was a manifestation of the "benevolent" side of Adam Warlock, and she planned to use these heroes in her crusade to rid the galaxy of evil and usher in a new golden age of peace. PETER PARKER (thinking): Funny how most of my conversations with God end like that. I would argue that Spiderman and Batman definitely have no strong religious beliefs at this time. freakazoid_x 08/22/2003, I always believed that Spidey was Jewish.


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  3. The religious affiliation religion of Peter Parker, a.k.a. Spider-Man, a comic book character. Spider-Man has a Protestant Christian religious background.

  4. Daystar is an American evangelical Christian-based religious broadcast television network that is owned by the Word of God Fellowship, founded by Marcus Lamb in 1993. Daystar is headquartered in the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex in Bedford, Texas.

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