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His hyphenated nationality and ethnicity takes on different dynamics in different contexts.

In America, he is seen as a Korean-American, such that his ethnicity is subordinate to his nationality; in Korea, he is viewed as white-Korean, which indicates that his race (white) is appended to his ethnicity (Korean).

His clean facial skin is represented using black-and-white visual effects that make his face appear even shinier, cleaner, and whiter.

Beyond his cosmopolitan whiteness, Henney’s interview with the Los Angeles Times introduces an interesting point about his hybrid, flexible identity as biracial.

In Taiwan, Tiffany Hsu, who has been on a bunch of popular dramas, is hapa.

That being said, if you go to Asia seeking any sort of mainstream success as a hapa, you Then it seems quite likely he would have been singled out, or even copped a lot of shit.

Even at a small age, Maggie wanted to become a model and then enter into the Hollywood arena.

’ (‘If Daniel Henney becomes a world star, would it be the pride of Korea? Henney’s Koreanness remains always under suspicion even though he has consistently identified himself as a In other words, in the current context where Korean television producers recruit diverse Korean-fluent foreign entertainers, Henney’s poor progress in his Korean language ability disappoints audiences. Lee, 2008), Henney’s whiteness and transnational mobility are primarily associated with global competence. I agree that this article is likely to be greatly exaggerating his fame. If he were just a good looking white guy, he wouldn't have been so big in Korea, and he wouldn't be hired in Hollywood with his mediocre acting skills. I hope he works on improving himself as an actor and relying less on his looks and biraciality.

This explains why, even though biracial Korean celebrities are initially widely consumed based on their ‘exotic yet similar’ appeal, their fame does not seem to last when they are not fluent in Korean. It's been like 3 years after this study and I don't notice anymore hapas, except maybe 1. he had one star appearance in one semi-popular drama but still, he's C-rank or below. Hollywood wants him only because he is good looking and Asian-passing. Which comes off as being very insincere and fake, especially in light of what you've said.

Men’s beauty magazines and cosmetic brand lines indicate that men are also powerful consumers of beauty products.

For more than 5 years, Henney has been a spokesman for Biotherm Homme’s, which utilizes his whiteness as a commercial marketing strategy for sun-blocks and whitening peels.


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