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Dating delft tiles

I decided to look for Masonic patterns in the TCC Pattern and Source Print Database in the hopes of learning more about the Masons." #14--May 2014: Source Prints (Not Just Pretty Pictures) Author Weston Palmer writes "The Transferware Collectors Club (TCC) database, now with over 11,000 records, also has well over 750 source prints, the supposed inspiration to the potter of the scene or depiction on his ceramic creation...These source prints are not just pretty pictures or works of art, but are often a different type of clue as to the scene itself and its location.

We may think of the blue and white Dutch Delft tiles found on fireplace surrounds in the 18th century." #12--November 2013: Death and Bereavement on Transfer-printing Author Colin Murray Parkes writes "Death is an unpopular topic in our society and we may ask why anyone would want to include death-related imagery on items intended to decorate homes or to be used in the daily consumption of food and drink.June 2017: The “Uva” Mystery – Continued July 2016: Orphan Transferware Patterns and the TCC Assigned Name May 2016: Spring!Time to Get Organized February 2016: A Transferware Murder Mystery Episode 2 in a Transferware Detective’s Saga December 2015: A Picturesque Voyage to India by Way of China October 2015: The “Uva” Mystery July 2015: Ways to Fit the Transfer Pattern Onto the Ware May 2015: Dark Blue Davenport April 2015: The News That Pratt Thought Fit to Print Janurary 2015: Transfer-Printed Rice Plates for the South-East Asia Market November 2014: A Scottish Mystery July 2014: Mozart, The Magic Flute, The Masons, And America May 2014: Source Prints (Not Just Pretty Pictures) February 2014: Yes – Transfer-Printed Tiles are in the Database November 2013: Death and Bereavement on Transfer-printing September 2013: Don't Believe Everything You Read on that Plate April 2013: Surprising Spout Prints February 2013: Enoch Wood's Series No.Unlike many series of patterns dating from that time, it was not made in a variety of hues, but always in a very attractive two-color combination, a yellow printed border with contrasting floral sprays and central design in brown or black.Yellow, of course, is the rarest of transferware colors, and it follows that items in this series are also uncommon." #8--December 2012: Inappropriate Children's Patterns Author Judie Siddall writes "Children haven't changed in the past two hundred years, but the concept of childhood and what is appropriate for children has changed.The articles are intended to be informal and relatively quickly prepared and formatted, in order to facilitate production and distribution of the articles. We encourage members who are not DB editors to participate. #26 - June 2017: The “Uva” Mystery – Continued Author Leslie Bouterie writes "Ace detectives, such as Sherlock Holmes and Hercule Poirot, are always attuned to the surfacing of clues and new information, even when a mystery, supposedly, has been solved.This TCC database editor and detective shares that mindset, and was delighted when new evidence came to light regarding "The Uva Mystery." #25 - July 2016: Orphan Transferware Patterns and the TCC Assigned Name Author Len Kling writes "Consider the case, then, of the Orphan Transferware Pattern.Perhaps the managers of the pottery did not think it was worth the expense of cutting a larger engraving because the platter was larger than ordinarily used in the standard dinner set." #19 - May 2015: Dark Blue Davenport Author Frank Davenport writes "The Davenport pottery was first documented in a 1974 book by Terry Lockett then later by Terry Lockett and Geoffrey Godden (1989). My friend saw on e Bay a 2-7/8” plate titled “Indian Chiefs” (Figure 1) and asked me if I knew of a source print for it." #15--July 2014: Mozart, The Magic Flute, The Masons, And America Author Judie Siddall writes "While waiting for Mozart's The Magic Flute to begin, I read the notes in the program titled Mozart's Die Zauberflote (Magic Flute) A Masonic Perspective by Tom Ellison, Past Master, Masonic Lodge 712 in California and chorus member of West Bay Opera (Palo Alto, California).The authors tell much about the ninety-three years of operation and the wide range of ceramics and glass produced." #18 - April 2015: The News That Pratt Thought Fit to Print" Author Len Kling writes "Potters like Enoch Wood, Davenport and William Smith had been experimenting since the 1830s with the application of multi-colored transfers to dinner wares and tea wares, but it was not until about 1846 that patents were taken out on a polychrome printing process that successfully emulated the look of hand painted wares." #17- January 2015: Transfer-Printed Rice Plates for the South-East Asia Market Author Connie Rogers writes "One of the greatest achievements in transfer printing in the last half of the 19th century was led by J. I knew that Mozart was a Mason, as were many 18th century luminaries such as Joseph Hayden and Benjamin Franklin, but I didn't know much about the Masons (also referred to as Freemasons).We read the pattern marks and naturally take it for granted that what is printed there is accurate, but alas, that's not always the case." #10--April 2013: Surprising Spout Prints Author Dee Dee Dodd writes "Recently I was intrigued when working with several patterns, used on tea and coffee wares.More specifically, the intrigue had to do with the varying spout prints found on these pieces.


  1. Discover everything about the famous Delft Blue pottery. Where is it made, what is its history, and where can you buy it?

  2. Hopefully one of the answered questions below will help you out as well in your search for the. The tiles are known as 'Delft tiles'. How can you date a tile?

  3. Identify Delft pottery by looking at the. How Do You Identify Delft Pottery. underneath which reads the word Delft accompanied by the date code.

  4. The oldest Delft tiles were formed from soft, red clay. Aves, Melanie. "How to Identify Antique Dutch Tiles" accessed July 09.

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