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Dating fender srv stratocaster

If you can use only one amp we recommend one of the Fender blackface amps.

Yes, you need the bigger 40W amps to achieve the same stage volume as Stevie, but for miced gigs (and recordings) you don’t need any volume.

Also make sure that the neck wood and lacquer is smooth and not braking and limiting your bend moves when in contact with your fingers.

A guitar set up for SRV is not easy to master for entry-level players that favor easy-played low-action guitars with thin strings.

After having listened to and played his music for some decades we are amused with how most players focus on all the minor details and tend to overlook the big important factors.

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But the Strat, as it is known, was the guitar that made the word "Fender" synonymous with "rock 'n' roll." Introduced in 1954, its ash body (alder was used after 1956) was sculpted...The SRV-tone can achieved with many different guitars, amps, pedals and speakers as long as you use them correctly together.But, after having said this – SRV hung on to some specific pieces of gear and ways to use his gear, that made his tone as we know it. Strings It is not just the matter of big strings, it’s the relation between string gauge and the power in your hands and fingers. He had no problems with bending and shaking 013, 015, 019 strings for hours.Stainless steel frets in some custom made necks make it even easier to bend and shake.A good, fat/big neck will enhance sustain, punch, harmonics and richness in your tone, which is you want when going for the SRV tone.But you can experiment with two, three or maybe four amps that are dialed in differently, some cranked, some clean, some with pedals in front, some that gives you tight and punchy bass response and some that gives you singing lead tone.You will experience a big, compound and complex tone that gets you closer to the SRV feel.But make sure that the frets and neck together are not too big for your hands.You need to be able to play quickly with lots of bending without getting tired after 3 minutes of Texas Flood.A valid question is if the audience can tell if you have a small or big amp when they hear the guitar and amp through a PA? You can nail the SRV tone with small Fender amps too.You deserve to try playing Mary had a little lamb with a slightly cranked Princeton Reverb equipped with a Jensen C12n speaker. Just make sure the amps are dialed in correctly with powerful speakers that don’t distort and have lots of punch, both lows and highs. Make sure it is not pushed too hard into distortion, but set nicely at its sweet spot with just s little power amp breakup (think Little Wing intro).


  1. SRV. Few artists have been so widely discussed among guitar players in terms of tone influence. Players around the entire world have tried to replicate Stevie.

  2. Jun 26, 2017. Fender Stevie Ray Vaughan SRV Signature Stratocaster. This gap creates some murkiness with the serial numbers and dating of the early.

  3. Serial numbers have been used in various locations on Fender instruments through the. *For SRV Stevie Ray Vaughn Guitar date info, serial numbers & more,

  4. Have a SRV strat serial number SE 919676 How much is it worth Guest 4 years ago. Your SRV Stratocaster is from the Signature Series of course and it was. How much is usa fender stratocaster made in corona california serial number.

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