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I pray for my family and friends to be happy and healthy. Lord in Your Mercy, Hear and Grant my request I hate asking other people to pray for my problems (my wife left me, dosen`t love me ).I fill that God won`t answer my prayers because of my past.May your prayers come true I pray that my financial crisis be lifted and that my relationship with my grilfriend become strong and that we work out any trials and tribulations, also that our families follow the Lords ways and be good throughout their lives. Bring peace, love and forgiveness to those involved and heal us emotionally and spiritually. Blessed my husband with understanding and kindness toward me. Please also pray that God would provide me with a safe, comfortable and affordable place to live soon. I pray that we are able to find happiness, love and commitment in each other.Please soften their hearts that they will do the right thing and let me go. I stand on this prayer for my husband's to be soften full of compassion and forgiveness. Amen That now my home comes out of foreclosure and that I now own this home and property outright. we are waiting since 1 year to get housing paper from my husband company.administration of the comppany refuses to give without any reason.....please pray for this matter...i strongly beleive jesus will answer my prayer....Mobile web traffic overtook desktop one in 2016 and will only grow in 2018, and that's why it's important to create sites that look good on all devices.

Also great for pro-coders for fast prototyping and small customers' projects.You don't have to create a special mobile version of your website, it will adapt automagically.Cut down the development time with drag-and-drop website builder.Say for 3 days and promise publication Donor Notes: when you need God the most im too weak to even type my 20 yr old son is addicted to marijuana, doesnt work here all day out late at nite from moment hes up he verbally and has physically abused me, he calls me horrible names spits me i cant explain it, he got a little better but not enough he demands that we do things for him and im physically ill i have high bp been dizzy for weeks i dont sleep feel weak chest pain , i dont know what to do i reason with hm he calls me names he has nowhere to go but doesnt try help me! I am in really urgent in requesting a prayer for my husband to overcome of addiction and help my husband s heart to be soften heart to listen to me in many good ways for family s needs and also help our financial blessings will pour to us for many wonderful blessings. I pray my son gets enough money to pay his bills and has enough to move out and get a good paying job I pray for him give him strenth and courage that he will continue to believe in you thank you dear jesus I pray that I get thru this job , finally I get a job that's in my field , now it's my boss she is very impolite , has no rspect , she paying me minium wage pays me monthly and I just can't seem to get a desent job I have 3 children I do have.I need Divine intervention in my life right now I have recently lost my home finances job and also please pray that God touches the heart of the man I was supposed to marry that we may be able to unite again and that He finds the love in his heart for me we once had. And that I will find my divine purpose in life and live according to Gods Holy Will. An entire office of helping workers to mend sorrowful broken hearts/ adding confidence in God's incredible plan for their future if so accepted and to listen to God's word... Also pray for my lovely daugther s heart to be soften heart to listen me for going to teen bootcamp because she is struggling some things at home and school. My prayer requests: My friend just got fired I pray and ask Heavenly Father to provide and have mercy on her. I pray so urgently for a clean bill of health for my scan of 6/24/10. And I ask forgiveness for not appreciating my healthy body, and promise to respect my body as long as I shall live. You know that we need you, we really need your help oh God. A husband that helps me we just seem to nev Er have enough I need help from you my mighty god Thank you for everything Lord especially for all the things that you have given us. Stay with us always Lord and lead us to the right path. Lord I pray to you to see my sons father and his nephew through their time of need. Please bring them back home to their family for good.A calm assurance that my heartfelt prayers will be answered and granted in my favour. May we able to work abroad for the future of our son and to be able to help our families with their problems. I need a blessing from God that These services will sell and I can get valuable experience that I can use in the future for my ministry goals I am asking for Christians to agree with me in prayer that I will receive favor and grace to get more clients and also for God's annointing to serve in the ministry.It is also important to believe and have faith in the power of prayer. Dear God, please help me get through this difficult time without danger or trouble. We believe in You because You are our Redeemer, our great Provider and our Savior. Please pray that God would provide me with a well-payng job, with caring people and in a peaceful environment. I am going through a very difficult time...i pray that my partner and me are able to stand by each other no matter how difficult it is.I did not lie about wanting to restore my marriage, but when given the opportunity to come clean, lied in fear of losing my wife and kids. I ask not for riches nor gold but for your love and guidance. In my happiness in my grief and sorrows always guide me to do well..i ask you GOD humbly to listen to my prayers in these HARD times of NEEDS you..HOME needs YOU..need unity and LOVE and that all envy..animosity..tension..jealously.of love and hipocrosy come to an END..we may develope a loving home and you cover us with your shield AGAINST all evil and negativity.. For giving me the LOVE i felt i wasnt getting from anyone... And above all else for YOU.awaiting paciently for me to run into your arms... and you also know that i have been asking you for the past 14 years. I ask that I may stop caring for him and not hurting over all his bad choices he continues to do against me and my children. May I no longer be affected by his infidelites and lack of feelings for me and my children.please lord, I know that all things are possible through you, so hear my prayer and give me revelation on how I can restore my marriage. You know my heart Lord, and what is best for me and my family. Amen I have asked Jesus to grant the favors and requests that I have prayed for. My life has been riddled with so much pain and yet goodness you have brought me has given urge to carry on. LORD i ask that you liberate us from out economic struggle and that we may have money to put food on the table...i THANK YOU for life.. Lord I pray to u in times like this, that my husband get bail and be free while awaiting verdict. We hope that the judge will be understanding and guide him by making right judgement, We also pray that the prosecutor would find my husband innocent and just acquit him of the case.I prayed for my dear dear other half and myself to find courage to stand through these hard times and save our love. I want to thank you for all that you have done for me. Thank you Jesus for listening to my prayer, I do not crave riches just the chance to earn a modest living and to be able to pay my bills, and to help my family out whenever they need it, thank you Jesus I love you.I pray to the Lord, Our God, that my family and I may get out of the financial rut that we are in. Lord, God, please, please forgive me for my sins, and help me and my family to get out of the short-term debt that we are in. I wish to testify that I felt a real power while saying this prayer. I feel that I have a calling on my life to be an intercessory prayer minster on behalf of others and to teach god's word to others. I created a informational seminar and service on the internet that I can use to raise funds until I get a job.


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