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Dating someone with same name as parent

However, there was still a failure in upbringing that brought you to these emotional, dependent issues.I was raised in the church and drilled since a child by my mother to be a pushover and extremely nice.Codependency can be more manipulative than BPD because you at least know everything that you’re doing whereas a Borderline constantly juggles with feelings.They usually aren’t intentionally being manipulative.60% of all marriages end in divorce and I believe it’s because most people don’t have their emotions under control, they have no direction in life, no passion, no purpose.I want you to understand that neither codependency or BPD is a healthy way to live.You might think you’re being a ‘great partner’ and a ‘good person’ but the fact remains that being a codependent isn’t healthy despite what you were told growing up.The more I educated myself on human behavior and relationship mindsets, the quicker I conquered my codependency issues.So let’s dive in and explore more about Codependency and what you can do starting now to fix these issues…Codependency basically means emotional dependence – It’s the deep, core issue behind neediness which can quickly cause your boyfriend or girlfriend to lose attraction for you. You lose your mystery, your awesomeness, your challenging traits. However, BPD’s react differently which creates problems You know that they are insecure already.

So even if you learn how to cover up your neediness, eventually your codependent side will be exposed just like the true character of a BPD – one that has complete lack of emotional control, instability, fear and more.

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So when someone that you’re in a relationship with pisses you off, leaves you, doesn’t call you back, etc. You start over-analyzing things and can’t figure out what the heck is going on.

You might freak out and start stalking your partner trying to figure out what the hell they’re up to.


  1. Dawson McAllister talks openly about parents, communication, and dating relationships. Never secretly date someone your parents don't want you to date. my parents are the same way. my brother has the same issue. that attitude if he didnt keep calling me.names we are madly inlove and wanna be together but he.

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