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So for example; March will be 10, April 12, but instead of showing me 10 for March and 22 for April, it shows me 10 for March and 12 for april.

For eg: https://gyazo.com/41bd333cedac290e6980772906ff0034 with a measure I my Month column as a date column, I've tried using all kinds of features including, calc, sum, sumx, time based functions.

Figure 4 shows a data model where the relationship between the Transactions table and the Date table is defined using an integer column (Date Key).

The Date table is marked as a Date table in the data model by use of the Date column.

In Figure 1, the Transactions table has a relationship with the Date table.

You might have more relationships between the tables, but this would not change the DAX measure for this pattern.

In order to avoid displaying a value when the selected period is greater than any date in the Transactions table, you can apply a conditional statement that checks this condition.

You can easily apply the Cumulative Total pattern to the examples described earlier.Hi, I'm at an absolute loss as to how to calculate a cumulative total.I've tried googling, reading the forums, following the documentation, decomposing the calculation, trying it as both a measure and a calc'd column; It always seems to refer me to the same number.Suppose you want to calculate the monthly cumulative sum of the transaction quantities.The data model has a Date table that is marked as a Date table.Most transactional systems already have a built-in calculation for these accounts that saves the updated cumulative value to the accounts involved in each transaction.You can use the Cumulative Total pattern to rebuild the historical or predicted behavior at any given granularity.You can use or adapt the Cumulative Quantity pattern to this purpose.You apply the Cumulative Total pattern to models that have a table marked as a Date table in the data model.The granularity of the Cumulative Total pattern is always the same as that of the Transactions table, without requiring additional storage.You have to evaluate the convenience of the Cumulative Total pattern on a case-by-case basis.


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  5. Feb 7, 2014. The Cumulative Total pattern allows you to perform calculations such. At any given date, the Cumulative Quantity measure displays the Sum.

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