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- hear Literally: 'Go ride your bicycle, go biking! ) Trixie Belden characters) hear Thomas Joannes Stieltjes 2 (mathematician, 1856-94, known for the Riemann-Stieltjes integral) Rem Koolhaas (architect) Abraham "Bram" Pais (particle physicist and historian of modern physics) ('Pais' is not originally a Dutch name, but we do have the word 'pais' in the expression 'Pais en vree' (very peaceful) - probably from French 'Paix' (peace.) Buys Ballot (19th Century scientist, best known for weather studies) (Christophorus Henricus Diedericus Buijs Ballot ) Van Hiele (Dina van Hiele-Geldof, Pierre van Hiele - 'Pierre' is a French name) math educators: The Van Hiele Levels of students' geometric reasoning Hulshof 2 3 (how the name is said in Holland) Kenny Hulshof, 2008 Republican candidate for governor of Missouri Simon Vinkenoog Dutch poet and author Tijl Uilenspiegel Medieval prankster and folk hero - in Germany: Till Eulenspiegel Sjeng Scheijen 2 art historian, specializing in Russia Alkemade 2 - the Alkemade theorem in thermodynamics phase diagrams - (A.C.) Van Rijn van Alkemade 2 eigen (math term) mysterie (a mystery) Rijkswaterstaat (Government body managing water) Stormvloedwaarschuwingsdienst [high-winds flood warning service] a government department monitoring dangerous weather conditions and possible flooding Beemster Graskaas ("considered a special treat among Dutch cheese gourmets") made of the early Spring milk, from when the cows get out of the Winter stables into the meadows of young, fresh gras ('grass.') The 'Beemster' 2 is a 17th Century polder 2 ('reclaimed land.') means 'bottle') Boerhaave - Herman Boerhaave 2 18th Century scientist (medicine) 's Gravesande * 2 - Willem Jacob 's Gravesande 18th Century scientist (physics) Van Leeuwenhoek 2 - Anthonie van Leeuwenhoek 17th Century scientist, inventor of the microscope Huygens 2 - Christiaan Huygens 17th Century scientist Simon Stevin 17th Century scientist Garden Dutch 101 Scheepers (well-known bulb brokers) Keukenhof (famous Dutch bulb display gardens) Jelena de Belder (Jelena is a Slovene (Slavic) name, hope I got it right) (a cultivated witch hazel tree is named after her) Estella Rijnveld, Stella (Estella is a Spanish name, Stella is the Dutch version) (name of a tulip) J. Dijt (name of an early-blooming iris) Welwitsch (German)(nineteenth-century botanist for whom Welwitschia is named) Ghislaine de Feligonde (French)(name of a rose) hear more tulip names ('beauty' - though in Northern Dutch it now usually means 'clean') A Small Fruit Song "Said the Apple to the Orange, ..." framboos, braam (raspberry, blackberry) aalbes, kruisbes (red currant, gooseberry) aardbei, rozebottel (strawberry, rose hip) sinaasappel, citroen (orange ('China-apple'), lemon) kers, pruim (cherry, plum/prune) perzik, abrikoos (peach, apricot) hear more fruit names zwaluw (swallow) vink (finch) nachtegaal (nightingale) duif (dove) zwaan (swan) hear merel (blackbird) lijster (thrush) specht (woodpecker) roodborstje (robin) eend (duck) hear spreeuw (starling) mus (sparrow) hear Old New York - Old New York page Haarlem - (Harlem) Vlissingen - (Flushing) (medieval English sailors probably already used this name for the Dutch port city) Breukelen - (Brooklyn) Staten Land - (Staten Island) (The 'Staten' (Estates) were the 17th Century Dutch government) Kromme Zee - (Gramercy) (crooked sea/lake) De Bouwerij - (The Bowery) Schuylkill ('hidden(?) river' in Philadelphia; 'kil' or 'kille' means 'river' or 'canal,' no longer found in modern Dutch.) hear - Much More Old New York (about 500 words and names) More Dutch names: First and Last Names - Place Names - Vermeer's World - Rembrandt - 17th Century Sailors and Ships - Old New York Somewhat Related I used to subscribe to a magazine in basic Spanish, in an attempt to learn that language; what I remember best was an article about Van Gogh that curiously gave the title of a painting in English ("Sunflowers"); I guess that makes more sense than to have them in Dutch, but why not in Spanish ('Las Flores del Sol')?- Wenceslao Grillo tells me that the Spanish word is Girasol ("turn-flower,") and the Van Gogh painting is called Los Girasoles in Spanish. September 2001, in order to remove any doubt that there may be Members of the Commission who might indirectly influence the Commissions free decision making process, it was decided to widen Article VII of the Statutes thus:. It was further suggested to include a new subdivision: Organisations referring to Orders or Award systems previously bestowed by state bodies in the past. Past Presidents of the Commission: Baron Alessandro Monti della Corte (*19021975) from 1962 to 1970; H.

Grand Duke Vladimir Kirilovich, Head of the Imperial House of Russia; H. But the intense and constant interest given to the Commission - either for or against its announcements - is to be considered a clear sign of the importance and authority which the scientific world has attributed the Commission. Aldo Pezzana In conclusion one may state that the Commission has produced a work of the greatest interest, for which we must be grateful to its authoritative Members and in particular to its President, Baron Monti della Corte, whose standing as a scholar of historical-heraldic studies and as Chancellor of the Order of Saints Maurice and Lazarus need no recalling here.

Amsterdam tour guides sometimes come up with the Dutch tongue-twister "Achtentachtig prachtige grachten" 2 - 88 wonderful canals.

A longer variation: Billy Eric: Prinsengracht & Brouwersgracht © 2014 All rights reserved. Billy Eric: Early Morning Amsterdam © 2007 All rights reserved. Billy Eric You Tube videos: Dutch New York - Amsterdam - Leyden - Edam - a beer with next to it a shot glass of 'jonge jenever' (sometimes called 'Dutch gin,' but it's not sweet) - after sipping the jenever, the beer is very smooth and creamy (maybe it's the numbing effect of the jenever's 35% alcohol.) Ga toch fietsen! ' More Bicycle Words More Dutch Bicycling Dutch Bicycle Racers Wouter Bos (present leader of Dutch Labour party) Waterloo (Belgian locality, where Napoleon met his final defeat) Roosevelt, Van Buren (US presidents of Dutch descent, how their names would have been said in Holland) Maartje, Maertge (girls' names; Maertge (Vermeer's daughter in Tracy Chevalier's 'Girl with A Pearl Earring') is no longer used; I think it's an older, Flemish form) Pieter Bruegel (16th century Flemish painter) (unusual UE pronunciation) Van der Heyden (17th century architecture painter) Neeltje Maria Min (20th century poet) Katje, Betje, Maasden (Dutch (?

In the past, there have been errors in scientific evaluation and interpretation, or times when the Commission exceeded its institutional role. Hence there was no justification in publishing a Register.

The Commission is a private body, the worth and seriousness of which wholly depends upon the worth and seriousness of its component Members. While we studied a number of applications for registration throughout this period, however, none met the requirement of longstanding uninterrupted tradition under the protection of Chiefs or of Houses of recognised sovereign rank.


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  2. The I Congress was held in Barcelona in 1929 and from the II Congress, of 1953, it was to be held every two years, with two exceptions 1main themes have changed greatly over the years with some disciplines no longer among the subjects discussed at the congresses.

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