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Did david boreanaz dating emily deschanel

He also directed the series finale, and worked out the schedule so that Deschanel could wrap about a day earlier than she anticipated.

“I was very emotional, and I didn’t know that would be it,” she recalls. That was a bit of a shock, honestly, and I fell into a puddle of tears.” Deschanel’s directorial debut didn’t make her quite as weepy, but there was still plenty of emotion involved since her episode featured the return of original cast member Eric Millegan, who plays intern-turned-serial-killer's-apprentice-turned-psychiatric patient Zack Addy.

At the end of last season, “Brennan’s been kidnapped" by Addy, she says, though the reason why “may not be that sinister.” His departure in the third season also prompted one of the show’s longest-running jokes: the “squinterns.” “When Eric left the show, we decided to try different interns to see if we could find one we liked,” executive producer Stephen Nathan recalls, “but after a very short time, we realized, this rotating intern thing is great!

“He was attracted to Rachel and asked her for her number,” says an insider.

David and Jamie have two children – 7-year-old Jaden and nearly 2-month-old daughter Bardot.

David Boreanaz and his wife of eight years, Jaime Bergman, were all lovey-dovey at the opening night of Cirque du Soleil’s Kooza on Oct. But behind their smiles, the couple is dealing with a dark revelation: David cheated on Jaime throughout her recent pregnancy!

A long time since any of us have, but for me it’s been years.

There were many reasons for this, and someday I’ll go into it.


  1. Oct 22, 2009. David has been married to his second wife Jamie Bergman for eight. And I know for a fact that he and his Bones costar Emily Deschanel.

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