Hot chatchat

This homemade solar hot dog cookeris sure to cook up some interesting summer science and some delicious hot dogs.Your cooker can get plenty hot enough to cook a hot dog completely but you’ll want to give it enough time to get that hot.

Well, this is a science project to explore how strong the sun’s rays really are.*All orders will be charged the same day they are placed, and will ship out on or before the available ship date.*It is the sole responsibility of the buyer to make certain that she or he enters the address correctly.It just shows a black screen where the game should be.I'm playing on a Windows 7 computer, on Firefox, if that helps.*Cancelations: Because orders may be mailed out the same day that they are placed we do not allow order cancellations. *Shipping Insurance: If your order has shipping insurance on it, we will reship any packages at no cost to you in the event the package is lost by the postal service.Insurance does not cover packages lost to bad addresses provided by the customer.*We want you to know that we appreciate your business and that we do everything we can to keep our Shipping & Processing fees as low as possible for you our truly valued customer.Our Shipping & Processing fees are used to pay for shipping the product you order as well as to pay our employees in Shipping, Customer Service, Marketing, Public Relations & Product Design a good and above average US living wage.I've played this game before and this has'nt happend. On these fast approaching summer days have you noticed how when you’re out in the sun you’re so much warmer than in the shade?


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