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International dating violence research consortium

It comes as no surprise that they most certainly are not in favour of balanced reporting.

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It is not worthy of an organisation such as the NSPCC, which claims to stand up for our children. However, the fascinating aspect of the article is that, although it identifies that boys and girls are almost equally likely to be killed in their first year of life, it uses only examples of girls who were killed by their mothers or their mother's live-in boyfriends.(Full Story)Fox News chose to omit the modifier "feminist" in their title for the article, however, it is a must for anyone to read the article, regardless of what title is chosen for it.The article lists excellent standards that should be applied by the media in choosing articles for publishing, so as to put an end to the promotion of advocacy research, slander and ad-hominem attacks by opponents of the truth.All interactions of a sexual nature with minors, whether welcomed by the minors or not, constitute statutory rape.It is therefore nothing but an excuse to exclude teacher-student sexual intercourse in which the intercourse took place with the students' consent and not against the students' wishes.However, who wants to blame Kirsten Scharnberg for putting her particular spin on the story.Girls as victims are sooo much more fascinating to readers than are mothers as murderesses.What matters is that at least half of the children who are being abused are being ignored and not being helped.If you are a victim of sexual abuse that you received as a child, you'll find within the report a large collection of URLs that might be of help to you now.Families headed by two married parents (one of each sex) are, short of widowhood, the safest and least violent environment of all for women, by far.The sad truth is that the most violent domestic relationships occur in "families" of which men are no part, those between partnered lesbians.


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