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Intj guide to dating

The ENFP can open up the INTJs mind to numerous possibilities and angles they may have missed before, and the INTJ can harness the ENFPs ideas and insights and give them a clearer focus along with a plan to make them come to life.

The ENFP can be a constant idea-generator whereas the INTJ can be the one who harnesses the best of those ideas, creates the plan, and together they bring the idea to life.

ENFPs can help broaden their scope and together they can achieve almost anything they set their minds to.

Benefits of the Extroversion/Introversion Difference ENFPs are considered one of the least extroverted extroverts, and for this reason there’s not as big of a contrast with this pairing as there would be with an INTJ and certain other extroverts.

They will feel a nearly “inside out” approach to intuition.

The INTJ will have a singular focus, intense and deep, although they may think about more possibilities than they say.

You can see this in the MBTI® Manual in a section about the different types and their values.

A national sample was asked to indicate how important 11 values were in their lives on a scale of “Very important”, “Somewhat Important”, or “Not Important”.

The INTJ can help the ENFP to be more objective in their decisions and give logic-driven perspectives that may help the ENFP to further achieve their dreams.The ENFP can introduce new angles and perspectives that the INTJ in their intense, single-minded vision may have missed.In their singular focus and their penchant for efficiency, INTJs can miss details or alternatives that can greatly improve the creativity and excellence of their work.They have a strong ability to hold their ground and stick to their schedule and plan without being swayed.This is admirable to the ENFP, who often feels tossed and turned by their many ideas and visions for the future and has a harder time settling on just one.If you look at the cognitive function image, you can see that INTJs use Fi in the tertiary position, only one step down from the ENFPs position.The same goes for Extraverted Thinking, the ENFP has Te in the tertiary position, only one step down from the INTJs Te. INTJs and ENFPs are going to hit it off and experience a natural spark because they will both live and thrive in the world of ideas, possibilities and meanings.When it comes to dating, marriage, and attraction, most of us are attracted to someone who is strong in areas that we are weak.“Opposites Attract” is a cliche for a reason; we are looking for a balancing effect in our relationships.We want someone who can be tough when we are weak, someone who can be warm when we are cold.These things provide a complete feeling in a relationship, and the differences also create a natural curiosity and sense of intrigue for each partner. ENFPs and INTJs may only share one letter preference in common (N for intuition) however, they share two common cognitive functions; Introverted Feeling and Extraverted Thinking (see below).


  1. Jan 20, 2017. Daniel Speiss our Dating Coach looks at the INTJ personality type with. We go over dating and relationships advice for INTJs and different.

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