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Lamarcus aldridge dating

After scoring 25 points in the first half, James came out on fire in the third, making four consecutive 3-point shots -- each one deeper than the last -- the last in the face of then-Bucks guard Ramon Sessions."I was thinking he was going to shoot and playing for that and he still hit it," Sessions told ESPN recently.

Not a chance.'"Just a few months after this game, Damon Jones would end up on the Cavaliers, where he eventually made the winning basket to clinch Le Bron James' first playoff series win.

"I thought we forced him into a good shot but obviously (laughs), he made it so it was something that he probably had practiced before, a shot that he was comfortable with and he was able to knock it down."Even James acknowledges that this shot -- which was so instantly iconic that the NBA immediately started using it in an ad campaign -- wouldn't have happened if not for his own compounded mistakes seconds earlier.

"The banked 3 wouldn't have happened if I would have made the layup that I traveled on," he said.

That afternoon he had lunch with Moses Malone, who told him stories about his rookie season to help pass the time. James was under control from the start, moving smoothly.

"A year ago I was watching this at the start of the season. He grabbed a rebound 90 seconds in and ran the offense to set up Ricky Davis for a layup.


  1. Reverse layup between LaMarcus Aldridge and Brandon Roy 0.3 seconds left in fourth quarter Career point total 9,614 "That was a great game. A big-time game, actually.

  2. Like the Spurs, the Knicks have a talented international core. But do they have the patience to build it into a winner?

  3. LaMarcus Nurae Aldridge born July 19, 1985 is an American professional basketball player for the San Antonio Spurs of the National Basketball Association NBA.

  4. The All-NBA Team is an annual National Basketball Association NBA honor bestowed on the best players in the league following every NBA season.

  5. Kawhi Leonard's girlfriend Kishele Shipley moved from California to San Antonio for the big fella' around December of 2014. Their new life together is starting to get.

  6. Game Recap NBA.com's exclusive coverage of Warriors vs. Spurs on 03/19/2016

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