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Businesses have been increasingly critical of North Carolina's recently passed anti-LGBTQ law.

Last week, without warning, Pay Pal wrote to every major self-publishing website, announcing that henceforth it will refuse to process payments for clients that sell books which contain certain types of what it regards as "obscene" content.

Nathan Deal vetoed a religious freedom bill that was perceived as anti-LGBTQ, and one of the reasons Indiana amended its religious freedom law to clarify that it does not allow discrimination.

Since North Carolina passed its anti-LGBTQ law in March, businesses have been voicing their disappointment.

Paypal is an online payment system that lets users pay at webshops and other online services.

A Paypal account can also be usedto receive funds or transfer money to other paypal users.


  1. Apr 1, 2005. Millions of eBay users who rely on Paypal to buy and sell goods over the internet could be doing so in the mistaken belief they'll be fully.

  2. Apr 10, 2014. Yet, we live in a culture that brands us permanently for dipping a toe into sex work while simultaneously insisting sex workers should leave the.

  3. Mar 4, 2012. To blame is the online payment company PayPal, which has a virtual monopoly over. "It contains a scene of non-consensual sex," she said.

  4. Apr 8, 2014. How PayPal discriminates against sex workers. “We live in a culture that stigmatizes us permanently for dipping a toe into sex work while.

  5. We permit U. S.-only transactions for certain sexually oriented physical goods that are physically delivered to the customer. Videos, DVDs, and magazines are.

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