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Kelly and I’d been here before and the staff were used to us.Kelly once had a glorious day trying on various kinky outfits in the middle of a Saturday afternoon, parading around topless, bottomless, and even virtually nude for the delighted patrons, including Cheryl, the vinyl-wearing babe with the jet-black hair and the pierced nipples (she’d shown them to us on several occasions, trying to tempt Kelly into getting hers done). She smiled at the young, rather plain-looking guy behind the counter as she followed me into the back room where the peep-show booths were.I remembered the look on the faces of those guys at the club when she pulled up her skirt to sit her naked behind on the sofa, exposing her entire thigh to them. When her strap fell and exposed her right breast just oh-so-close to the nipple, I thought they’d die.I loved sitting at the bar, watching, knowing the show was really for me.With a smile a wink, she started skipping down the alley, flashing her naked ass and pussy as she went.Once we were far enough from the street she turned to me, pulling her skirt up past her cute little belly.I watched as Kelly walked half a block ahead of me, the short skirt moved teasingly in the evening breeze, bouncing back and forth, her light brown hair was swaying across her shoulders.I thought of her smooth shaven pussy, naked, being tickled by the occasional gust of wind, each of which threatened to expose her to passers-by.

She held her tits up to the opening, letting the stranger pinch them, moaning and fingering herself all the while.That my exhibitionist little lover was creaming that sofa in front of a bunch of horny jocks just to have me want her more.Ah, love, the things we’ll do…I caught up to her and took her arm. I gestured towards an alley, she knew what I wanted.Then, before I knew what was happening, she stood up and turned to face me.Her knees and calves were covered with filth and old spunk, her face and tits had a glossy sheen. She then reached between her legs and, grasping the stranger’s cock, bent down and put it in her cunt, looking me in the eye all the while.As her audience grunted his approval, I stuck my index finger into her pussy, then into my mouth to taste how hot she was getting.I gently nudged her toward the opening until her mouth was near the hole.Finally, she whispered through the hole, and asked her new friend to show her his cock.Usually, Kelly likes to tease a cock with her fingers and tongue for a bit, but this time she just wrapped her lips around it and sucked it all down.She stuck out her tongue and tasted the fingers that poked through the hole.I listened to her sucking those fingers through a hole that dozens of men stuck their slimy cocks through and I pulled out mine and placed it against her ass.


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