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Machismo dating

Of course, neither reaction was appropriate; cheating shouldn't be met with such leniency nor with such obtuse exclusion.

And, obviously, infidelity should not be used as a measure of manliness.

Well I'm not Latino, but I have cheated and lived in Latin America so I'm going to take a stab at this one.

You see, that pesky movement known as "Feminism" didn't quite catch on here as well as it did in North America and Western Europe, so there's never been much doubt cast on the historical roles of men and women.

In a region where unemployment is high and many males workers are unskilled, there are few outlets for this aside from sport and sex.

Men are the main culprits, but women aren't entirely innocent either; many a personal trainer has laid pipe to a housewife while was away at the office. This includes doing things like fighting (there's a reason why boxing is so popular in Latin countries), cursing, drinking to excess and, of course, seducing beautiful women.Many of us draw a hard line when it comes to dating outright sexists, but even among partners who believe in gender equality and are committed to practicing it in their own relationships, sexism can sometimes slip through.So how do you respond to your partner's subtle sexism?All this, accompanied by the fact that Latinos generally have a more passionate approach to love and life, it should come as no surprise that men step outside of their relationships every once in a while.Until next time, Vance Want More Information About Latin America?(See number six below for how to do that.)Here are some ways to respond to a partner's sexism.There's no guarantee they'll work, but if your partner's not willing to listen, at least you can say you tried.I also don't mean to suggest that fear is the thing keeping men in the United States from cheating. In my experience, Latinas have a much better understanding of why men cheat than American women.American women think that men cheat for the same reasons women cheat: because we felt a "connection" to someone else, or because we fell in love with someone else.Men can certainly get slut-shamed, but often, women are judged more harshly than men for their sex lives, and that's what makes slut-shaming in its most common form sexist.Here's a great example: Emily Heist Moss writes in Everyday Feminism that after being told, "Having 15 penises inside you is just kind of gross,” she responded, "Is having 15 vaginas around you just as gross?


  1. May 22, 2016. Obviously sexism exists in extremes all over the world. I've spent the last 6 years of my life traveling as frequently as possible and I've yet to.

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