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Michelle stafford dating

As a child, Nina was spoiled by her wealthy father, and was use to getting her own way.

On June 20, it is revealed that Nina can walk and that she is out for revenge.She once pushed her mother down the stairs; however, Nina adored her "baby brother", and never tried to harm him. While attending Columbia University, Nina starts dating Dr.Silas Clay and eventually married him after they graduated from college.She asks Silas to take her home, and he obliges, bringing her back to his place.She thinks that everything is going to go back to the way it was before the coma that is until Silas tells her about Sam.On New Years Eve 2016, she married Valentin Cassadine.Through her marriage to Valentin, she gained Charlotte as a stepdaughter.Silas wonders how she got to Port Charles, and Nina reveals she looked him up, and found out he was here.She came to town, and found out he would be at the party, so she came to see him.However, she slowly has picked up the pieces of the life she has loss and is now a strong, confident, independent person who is a successful, fiery fashion magazine businesswoman, a devoted stepmother, supportive wife and is empathetic and extremely loyal to her friends.She was best friends with her brother Nathan West before his death.


  1. Jun 29, 2016. SINGLE MOM A GO GO, the new video podcast from Michelle Stafford Nina. so much to say about being a mom, being a single mom, dating.

  2. Jan 9, 2017. Michelle talks to "General Hospital's" Vinessa Antoine about being a. web site They discuss dating in the most boldly.

  3. Aug 1, 2013. Exclusive Michelle Stafford Dishes Her Exit from The Young and the. have hope you just look like a stupid woman who keeps dating tools.

  4. This is Nina. She is bad. She is married 2 Silas. But she was in a coma 4 20 years. So Silas started dating Sam. Silas and Sam broke up because Nina. She was.

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