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New online dating startups is cm punk dating amy dumas 2016

If dating someone who’s not an asshole just doesn’t seem like it’s in your destiny, maybe you’d have better luck with DNA.That’s what the founders behind Pheramor are banking on, at least.A volunteer helping to swab cheeks and take profile headshots at the Pheramor booth said he had already signed up for the service and was ready for the app’s February soft launch in Houston.“The owner is one of my best friends, I’d trust her with my life,” he said.Now we’re launching in a few months.” The three met last December at a science entrepreneurial accelerator event at the Texas Medical Center called Bioventures, where Barreto pitched an idea for an online dating service based on genetic matching.More than half a million dollars in venture capital funding came in about a month later, she said.You might be aware of a lot of dating apps like Tinder, Tonight, Zoosk and Lively.

“We’re a female founded, minority led company,” she said.

We are attracted to people whose genetics are different than us.

The more different the genes are, the better the dating works.” The other half of how the app works comes down to users’ social media activity.

The app, which incorporates users’ social media activity and online preferences into its matchmaking process, puts people together based on how different their genes are, Mirza said, referring to research on the gene complex “It’s not like you have a gene for preferring longer hair,” she said.

“We’re subconsciously looking for someone who is genetically different from us, so we can have stronger immune systems.


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