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Online dating roleplaying games

“Hey, ROBLOX Middle School is on the front page again.”After all this time, it’s still that popular…?! And it had amassed over 1 million visits in the past year — with no updates, no nothing.Loyal fans just continued to play the game for all that time. After 2 years away from ROBLOX, my Lua knowledge was pretty much nonexistent.I’d replace his then-fraudulent game with an honest, hand-built roleplaying hangout that would surpass the quality of all previous games in the genre. Four years ago, ROBLOX Middle School had been born out of a mere ROBLOX contest entry.

The game would remain open, but without any updates to keep it afloat.[Fast forward 2 years later…]I got a message from Ultimateguy early in 2013.I kept doing continuous updates to the game to make the fans happy — it’s great to see so many people enjoying a creation of yours.It did get tiring after some time, though, and real-life high school was coming up for me.Last time I checked, the purpose of high school is not to find your true love.It’s to go to classes, as well as make new friends and socialize with people.Obviously some people may make dating a part of their high school experience, but that is absolutely not the focus of school.There‘s not a single part of our game that was made to encourage online dating. The story of the game’s origins starts way back in Summer of 2010, when ROBLOX routinely hosted place-building contests based around specific themes.I entered that place into the contest and it received a fairly high rating.(In fact, I still have the School Ruling Crown that was awarded to top participants)I specifically designed ROBLOX Middle School for the contest — but with the contest now being over, why leave the place to rot?I decided to open it up as a public game and see if people would actually like the idea of roleplaying there. Tons of people came to play, more than I would have ever expected.


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  5. Island of Mezaa is truly a memorable roleplaying game. The plot is thick and intriguing. 9 Modern House Roleplay. An Online-Dating haven for little kids.+7.

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