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Osmsit dating dating and marriage rituals in ugand

Mc Geer proposed: • A .municipal financing authority (operating similarly to the hospitals and school districts authorities) to mar¬ ket municipal debentures, with access to world money maricets. TTw conference this morning (discusses distribution of powers,' Including taxing and spending powers, and regkxial economic disparities. "Is this the participatory de* mucracy promised by the feder* ai government' wwld maim TYench and Bngllah official languages in the federal ■■■illlfl Ai Bl HH administration. Thers'snone biggsr than Pontiac’s 250-cubi C'inch, 1 55-hp angina. ) Eq 932 1(719 Intir Grtiwlh 759 825 Inv Growth 1749 U37 Inv Ml Mot 6M 6.13' Mut Accum B» 683 Mut Bend 917 916 Mut Bond Inc 499 sa Mutual Gr 831 909 Mutual Ine 669 130 Natnioeo 1513 1875 Not Rea 919 KXB Peni Mutual 121S 130 Prlnc Cmwih 979 741 Ptpv Mutual 111 f R9 Pi-ov Stock F 194 738 Regent Fund KMl ISM Royfund 630 639 Un Amer 330 363 Un Vent MO 703 Un Sav Eq 734 807 Weetem Cr 630 fiffi MP)Cri J. into Santa Barbara (Channel has been washed onto an era when small front-line national Qvil Aviation Orgap- military units can speed mess- ization were' Britain, France, ages via satellite. Chief Engineman Monro el Goldman of Lakewood, Calif., I oompleting 20 years in the navy, this year, said the North Ko-| reans apparently assumed Blan-I sett was In charge of the engine, room. ' ; “Did ttie possibility enter your' UMUAHIA (CP) — Biafran leader Lt.^).

NDP Winck, L_ Verbnifse, PC Home Edition TE12PBOHB 383-4111 OIAB81FIED 3%-2m No. In its last days it was aa big as ever, but mere bigness is not excuse enough for being, nor reasuo I enough for survival.” He predicted the New Dem¬ ocratic Party would form the next government and chart for this province “a great future of economic and social change.” "This budget speech indicates- that time has caught up with and passed this government by. * Eyt JH JT: ~ S Drily Voi jjj* 20 % — k Dund M 155 5Sm * S Dy»«»*ty Mk 48V 4 k Earlerc B MH 19% Enex m 17% Galaxy 96% 2(7% — k General 16 U 4 k Ct Ex Uk U 4 k GIbn Jt SH 31%-1% Com Wc M 340 675 40 Groadue 17 17% — % Hart 29 27 4 9 Heome 149 10 40 Mllhmrd 10k l Ok 8®*".. This has two duplexes *e 389H 369% 369% 367 267 366% 30% ao Tk 967% 30% 07% 134 134 ISk 13.3 ues U6% 10% us H U4 IM 10% 10H D6% XLSH 139% 139% 119H 129% URk l UH 10% 123% 131 131% eta ^ w Cmi TVxtli Ot B* G« ft* Gee A m Doe B cwto 7t Oi TBa (loraita B n ORB 130, Cdrb 9m Omom Couvret P rroif Bit ci Mn R L Ci Mkrk Crow Neat Cru Bi Inti Cyip Hie A Wolnoc O 906 Walk GW TIM Weldwod 90 Weatc-ri »M Weat Ailr 10 We Btilr p 9M VHK Ind 990 Weeleri 10 W Brdcon 3 W Cdn Seed 9475 W Pudfle 90 WBuppla A MO Wtaten 004 Wftn Opp 0 WMte Poe 190 WWta P A a 3ffi Wood Akx 20 Sayl MMi ■ Marc A May July Wheot— Mveh May July 0X71— Marrii May July I (Mil— Marta May July Rye- Marta May We have sold most of our apartment blocks.

You can adjust the brightness, the contrast, the resolution, and the white point via a keyboard and mouse after installing HP's Display Assistant software (included on a CD-ROM, along with a thorough user guide).

For such a large display, the HP LP2465 is impressively stable and flexible.

For years and years Quebec'si complaints had been ignored or . It would be a double tragedy if tiie West’s "What w«l be the feelings of complaints were ignored now. Strachan said there had and children on welfare; special added regional colleges tteuld been a 600 per cent Increase In educational programs for chll- be financed like unlversitlee out welfare tolls since Social Credit dren in such families, complete of general revenues instead of placing 40 per cent on local taxpayers. 27—six nowieement Sunday that dele- days before the Section—di Btog gates to toe Federal Assembly, a five-country tour oi Westem whi^ ^ects toe president, will Eiaxqie. "The president will make toe The l,03&-member assembly, trip to West Berlin," jxess sec- made up of national and state retory Bmald Ziegler told re- representatives, has been sum- porters In Key Biscayne, Fla. C., Tuetdey, Ftbfuory It, Ift9 ^ ^ To Discuss Official Recognition Canada Seeking Red China Talks ^ Sharp NATO Role Projection Tipoff? Ltd., Canadifui Inve Bt- i DBOit Dealere' Ai Boclatlon, A, E. deligh*®*^ k with my f grcotly i,„prored sense of well being- MOVIE STAR JEAN BYRON Bl TOKE rod AITESI90 dcryi 153% pounds 135 peundi to' wt Ait 4IV5" hip S»'A" hip The eoratu Uy ■upar'Isod pr^ sron of nartl M rod di Rt ol Ihe Hi Kdei Spa bro ael only ^^p^o*^d ■? C So you mi^ really splurge on this special day and spend six minutes with her, or even twelve. rtce 1230,000 with SXCEL- FULL PRICE ,500 tbrms. t« NOW RENTING BARRINGTON MANOR The Newest Apartment Building in OAK BAY 2174 Cadboro Bay Road Let Ui Show You Tbeae Lowly r URNISHBD ROOMS WITH KIT- ■■ Llvlns remm and Laundry tact UUca 860 941 eumi Ei R Ra im mcobrm s BR home pha 3 BR ae U-cmtalned ■” .. Monrv tmtne- -- a tine flw-betouuin borne will, dtotoly awt Wble.

« 7.000,000 French-speaking Cana-' Strom said the West’s dians if Canada rejects this raw resources Industries should ***odest proposal? as central Canadian manufac- Bennett said his province luring. study has d- other facts which have made tinuing to pump millions more alwajrs shown a profit. jju r oi ■meet a growing need which has programs of pub Uc health and Hydro; In the case of municipal I been created by the govern- nutrition for expectant mothers pensions, the Hydro share has ** **** P« ' ment’s refusal to provide proper and children on welfare; specia; jumped from 50 oer cent to 56 ^®*"**** Wv ! m ONE 3864505 and health care, programs for rehabilitation of p^,. ftal 1 I HA' ,000,000 invested blasted bv Mciyeer X"A1/VPW1. And toe While House be barred from access routes to made plain Mcxiday. OTTAWA (CP) - Canada has instructed its embassy in Stock¬ holm to tel) the Red Chinese I mission in Sweden that this country would like talks on rela¬ tions betwieen Canada and main¬ land China. Amei ft and Pembertoa Secoritle B, ASK ABOUT tv-UC’ ^ lltti tf dloatlt, Vlctorio, B. 6e acore," Piroe Minis- er Trudeau said of his official anguages b Ul Monday after the kst day of the constitutional onference. Only New Brunswick end iewfomdland came out cate- lorioally in favor of the bill and if a linguistic bi U of rights in he Oanadian constitution. bow B rod tu^ plart RRB, but olw ay stnnath rod ftonlnc L I on d*Kpht*(l wttti aw araatly iapio BRil taro d w«a b«n«. Think what the dinner and dancing would have cost you • • • then pick up that phone and dial away the miles to her heart I B. TEL^ uinwi cow MBu mimtt E cmimr Victoria’s Only Certified Mauler Dry Oeancr 1 suit 79 save 21 “ 2 suits 399 save 3 suits r SAVEl" CLASSIFIED SECOND NEWS SECTION VICTORU, BRITISH COLCMBU, TUESDAY, FEBRUARY 11, PAGE SEVENTEEN Esquimalt: Wlute Mice Out, Hamsters In Final Word Toda' Bylciiv Fovbids Anunols Fcfuwood^s Fsitc By BOB PE1HICK White mke and a lot of other oreettfrei haven't got a chance In Eaquimelt alnee an *'an]mala fortidden" bylaw was passed by council Man- day nlg^t — but there ml^ht be a chance fw hanuten. Good renlal area --7“ *1 * ^ ^ VICTORIA MOTEL tfng. • n, "nili ranlet M to TOP OCWDCTION ^ Waj, LOCATES).


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