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In September of 2015, an upset user of the subreddit, u/lonelyboyonreddit, branched off and created r/tha_pit, a subreddit where banned or defected users from r/milliondollarextreme congregate to shitpost and criticize Sam Hyde.

Because Sam constantly interacts with his fans via the subreddit, he's cultivated a cult-like mindset in some of them.

Sam has sort of a reputation for being obnoxious towards certain groups without seeming to grasp what particular aspects of those groups are absurd.

It makes you think, "If God created man in his image, would God develop a meth problem, make a Youtube channel, and then grovel for attention from edgy, misanthropic teens?Sam realized that people sometimes make fun of anime fans, but Sam doesn't give any appearance of knowing why.So Sam decides to apply for a panel at a convention by faking his credentials, and the convention gives him a slot." Because Sam Hyde (historic or apocryphal character in the folklore of New England, used in the folk saying "to lie like Sam Hyde") certainly did.He did all of those things, and now we have to deal with his dumb ass virally advertising his terrible "comedy" on any 4chan board he thinks he can get away with.Users of the sub generally hide behind several layers of irony, for fear of possibly having a genuine interaction with another human.Serious posts occasionally show up, but are often just appeals to things Sam likes in the hopes of getting a response from him.Users that break the rules or are too critical of Million Dollar Extreme can quickly find themselves in The Pit.As a result of the heavy moderation, genuine discussion about Million Dollar Extreme rarely takes place on the sub, being substituted with rampant ass-kissing and attempts at miming Sam's humor.Only 6 episodes into MDE: World Peace, and Sam Hyde's show got cancelled, after months of internal protests and debates, mainly orchestrated by kikes like (((Brett Gelman))), butthurt that Sam had the audacity to name the kikes out on their shit.Sam promptly perpetrated a mass shooting at [[[adult swim] headquarters, killing 7 and injuring 5.



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