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Our schedule was too packed to take a look at it at the time, but the video clearly had an effect on the developer, who posted this message: "We are aware of some graphical issues on the Xbox One and PS4 versions of GTA 5 after the most recent Title Update, and we are investigating a fix now."That fix appeared to arrive shortly thereafter in the form of patch 1.09, and according to the "El Analista De Bits"- creator of the original You Tube vid - collision physics and deformation, along with the distance pop-in had been resolved, but parallax occlusion mapping and texture filtering were still borked. It's been a while since we looked at GTA 5, but we archive as much of our work as we can, and we still retain our launch day assets based on version 1.02 - the day one patch. However, the effect is computationally expensive (POM was removed from Destiny prior to its release, for example) and also doesn't play nicely with anisotropic filtering.

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We would also expect to see texture filtering quality with the removal of parallax occlusion mapping, perhaps with improved anisotropic filtering.Original Story: Last week, You Tube footage emerged showing that Grand Theft Auto 5's 1.08 patch for PS4 and Xbox One had seemingly downgraded elements of the visual presentation.Parallax occlusion mapping was gone, anisotropic texture filtering had apparently been made even worse than it was already, while collision physics had been simplified.Could it be another glitch, bug or some kind of error that Rockstar don't give a rat's behind about?Also have any other PS3 users been experiencing this issue lately? Sometimes I get 5 minutes of game play sometimes I get half an hour, sometimes I'll get a few hours.UPDATE 2/4/15 pm: Rockstar has just rolled out patch 1.10 for Grand Theft Auto 5, which it says fixes "graphical issues across GTA Online and Story Mode".After downloading the 4.7GB update on PS4, we can confirm that parallax occlusion mapping is back in the game, and based on initial observations, the performance improvements seen in patch 1.09 remain in effect on the Sony platform.Hi, I have a 40gb PS3 Fat version 4.80 DEX, Whenever I try and load GTA on multiman OR webman it freezes and either turns the console off or give me a error message.I have downloaded the duplex version of the game and when I load it comes up with the wavey screen and it tells me to update, wether I agree to it or not it just either boots me out of the game or freezes my console on a black screen.On top of that, long distance pop-in also seemed to take a turn for the worst.Had Rockstar really released an update for the game that made GTA 5 significantly worse, not better? Well, El Analista De Bits has got it right when it comes to parallax occlusion mapping: the effect is now gone on the current builds of GTA 5 on both PS4 and Xbox One, and that's a bit of a shame - the effect adds an extra dimension to a vast range of incidental textures in the game, turning flat rock textures into fully formed 3D objects, for example.


  1. Hi I have a 40gb PS3 Fat version 4.80 DEX Whenever I try and load. the wavey screen and it tells me to update, wether I agree to it or not it. 1stly goto Multi man, load up GTA5 once you see the disc, Triangle & update it,

  2. Following the previous update, PlayStation 3 developer @deank has released MultiMAN v which now includes PS3 4.80 Custom Firmware support followed by a Stealth aka StealthMAN version with details below.

  3. Nov 3, 2016. The "I'm Not a Hipster" Update for GTA Online was released on June 17, 2014. The Update provides a number of new Vehicles, two new.

  4. Hi everyone my ps3 super slim wont read any disk when i put a disk in it. day ago i try to play gta online and my system said update to 4.76.i did it. bruh plzzzzzzz tell me how to fix the ps3 and im a high rank on gta5 im.

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