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The snake sat coiled in a rock vein, waiting for the sun to warm its cold blood.It sensed every vibration and tasted the hunters’ sweat with its forked tongue.Once the snake is caught, its head is secured in a plastic tube and the hunter must count its subcaudal scales, the enlarged plates just before the tail. Glen Ellsworth III (right) and his son, Glen Ellsworth IV, measure a timber rattlesnake found in rural Columbia County.They were looking for rattlesnakes and other types of snakes to enter in the annual Noxen Rattlesnake Roundup.Whether you choose to apply or just leave your information, we look forward to staying connected with you. Glen Ellsworth III brings out a timber rattlesnake he found while hunting for snakes in rural Columbia County, Pa..Most are collected and taken to one of the handful of carnival-like “rattlesnake roundups” in the state.Once there, the snakes are measured and ogled by the public, then, ideally, returned to the crag where they were found, often in the higher, rockier regions north of the turnpike.

Hunters can collect only male rattlesnakes 42 inches or longer, and once they catch one and fill out the proper forms, their season is over. Figuring out a rattlesnake’s sex alone is a deterrent for the casual hunter.In 2015, a man died after being bitten by a rattlesnake at an Elk County campground, the first fatality in the state in more than two decades. “Something like a ring could act as a tourniquet and result in the loss of fingers,” he said.A rattler’s venom interrupts the coagulation process and can shut down nerves that control breathing and other organ functions, Dragann said.Figuring out a snake’s demeanor is more of a guessing game.Along for Ellsworth’s hunt and his journey to the Noxen Rattlesnake Roundup in Wyoming County, this reporter didn’t see one snake try to strike out.Ellsworth and his son were looking for rattlesnakes and other types of snakes to enter in the annual Noxen Rattlesnake Roundup.Jason Nark has been an enterprise reporter with the Daily News since 2008.He's covered just about everything and that's the way he likes it.He lives in South Jersey with his three kids and a dog, and likes to sleep in tents as much as possible.It sounds like a cicada in high summer, except that this animal can kill you.Hunting timber rattlesnakes is an oddity in Pennsylvania because unlike, say, deer or ducks, few snakes are killed.


  1. Jun 20, 2018. Pennsylvania could be home to hundreds of thousands of. Home & Design · Sex & Dating · Style · Travel. Ellsworth and his son were looking for rattlesnakes and other types of snakes to enter in the annual Noxen Rattlesnake Roundup. Figuring out a rattlesnake's sex alone is a deterrent for the casual.

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