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These girls are easily living the life in New York before the film takes its sweet time to send them to the Middle East where everything is ratcheted up to 11.They each get a personal Maybach 62 S so they can be chaffered to and from locations where they can offend locals and change clothes.This is my first experience with the girls of Sex and the City and from what I gathered I can see why an hour-long TV program running on premium cable would be a hit.These girls are rude, and vulgar, but they play off of each other like champs. I'm convinced it's the driving point behind the narrative.

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Then wouldn't you know it, something ridiculous happens and the girls get flown to Abu Dhabi where they are treated like royalty all because some sheik wants Samantha work a PR campaign for his property.

When they are seated at a table gossiping is when Sex and the City 2 shows any hint of a shine. Every scene is constructed to show what Carrie and the girls can put on then lead to another situation for them to dress up.

No movie should be so shallow, and even worse they look flammable and toxic.

A small pile sits next to me as I type this review.

I never got to working a single puzzle after graduating; I found that writing and talking about movies was a more suitable exercise for me.


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