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Temara melek christian beadles dating

You can also see her in many national commercials for the Humane Society, Intramed, EZ Curler, as well as a PSA for the Governors Council for Physical Fitness.She has also done DVDs for Faithweaver and Sing & Play.She is a true triple threat with a humble disposition which seems to make her that much more charming.Temara has been traveling back and forth from Los Angeles since she was 6 years old as a working actor, dancer and model.You can also catch her on several print campaigns for companies such as Edward Jones, Roper Western Wear, Family Fun, and HP Cameras.Temara got her start dancing at the prestigious Westin Arts Academy at age 4.

For example: if the phase says to get 2 sets of 3 you can get 3 two’s and 3 fours.Her abilities have also won her Loveland’s Got Talent as well as a spot in the Orange Bowl half time show with choreographer Shane Sparks (You Got Served and America’s Best Dance Crew).She has trained with top choreographers such as Mischa Gabriel, Tony Testa, Bobby Newberry, Mia Micheals, Shane Sparks, Dave Scott and many others. At age 9 she portrayed Veruca Salt from Willy Wonka singing “I Want It Now”, which won her the first place trophy.She can be seen in the feature film 16-Love as well as on TV shows like Standing Tall at Auschwitz, Modern Family, Incurables, as well as a sketch with Andy Milenakis, which aired on Jimmy Kimmel Live.She also played the lead in a film called Fairy Knowledge directed by Chris “Doc” Wyatt who produced Napoleon Dynamite.Her charity work has been rewarded by the National Presidents Award, 9 News’ Kids Who Care Award, Kohl’s’ Regional Kids Who Care Award, and Build a Bear Volunteer Award.She is a UNICEF delegate and raises money every year in their Trick or Treat Campaign and was on Selena Gomez’s team in 2009 and was the highest money raiser.You spend days and weeks of texting to get a girl to meet you.Don’t get me wrong, girls love when you spend money on them buying them things, taking them to expensive places.My hubby plays this game with me once in a while because he loves me and that’s what date night is all about!Downside of internet dating and dating apps is that they are overused and time consuming.


  1. Some of you might've heard Temara by Christian Beadles. Temara Melek has achieved more in her years of life than most people who triple her age. She is a.

  2. Temara Melek is a pop recording artist whose dancing and stage performances are a must see. The video stars Christian Beadles who is an internet sensation.

  3. Temara melek christian beadles dating 05-Aug-2016. They like wearing dresses and skirts because those garments accentuate their great figures and make them look.

  4. Temara Melek, Actress Scary Girl. Temara has been singing. music video featuring Justin Biebers best friend Christian Beadles which amassed over 2 million views.

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