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The right one dating service complaints

Thing is, we beg food from the church every month now and there is nothing for them to get from suing us.

No judge on the planet will force us to beg more food from the church every month and that is what these people think they are going to get one to do.

Makes you wonder are they earning an extra buck on the side line with the debit collector. I have explained countless times to every consultant that the account has been paid every consultant has checked after i told them it is paid and confirmed it is up to date.

They all promised me that they will update the account and promised me that they will...

THE PROCESS WAS TAKING FOREVER AND I KEPT CONSTANT CONTACT WITH THE FRAUD DEPARTMENT BUT WAS SENT FROM PILLAR TO POST. We asked for a letter to say that his name is clear, they cannot do will take 24 hours to clear. Hi Please help me under Debt Review Debt Surgeon from 2016 payments are still been deduction from your side as arrears balance showing on my statement Please advise as Debt Recoveries are still sending sms stating that the Debt Review will be terminated from their side that I am in arrears and the debit order still running ever month since 2016 as reflected on my bank statement sent to Debt recoveries.

I HAVE BEEN BANKING WITH THE ABSA BANK FOR OVER 20 YEARS BUT THE SERVICE THAT I RECIEVED WAS VERY POOR. We applied for a car yesterday and was told today that my husband has debt review under his name!! We contacted clearscore, they investigated and "oops" they made a mistake!!!! See bank statement as attached seems nobody get back to me I needed this to...

why is renault letting us as client's suffer because they put cheap and poor qulity brake pads on the car. I bought ticket for eagler liner on sunday i was going to use the ticket Monday by 13: 00 from jhb to cape town i wait for 6 hours at Johannesburg park station eagler liner didn't come they send TOOTS COACHES instead of eagle liner the condition of the is not good its cold inside there's no heater i reach cape town late eagle liner service is poor you can call me 0710733765 i have taken number for 5 people on the bus for witnesses ON THE 26TH OF APRIL I WAS DEFRAUDED ON MY ABSA BANK ACCOUNT.


Please could i be assisted URGENTLY Regards We opened an NPO account with Nedbank and one of the members of the NPO is a Nedbank employee and a manager in the branch where the account is at.

The person I spoke to understood my frustration when I got very upset and I pointed out that having just had all personal information stolen I now had to give more personal information on their website as I had to register on the site. worst after having this line for 6 years and having endless problems they really don't care - see Telkom vans all over our vicinity but get told its not their derestriction so what they actually doing here???

- 4 years of pathetic service and now almost two months without any service - yet we pay and pay and PAY Please can someone help, this has affected our business and having to fork out money for data ETC.

I called for several times and on 11 July the query was referred to the escalations team.

I called again on Friday, 13 July and spoken to the consultant by the name of Lawrence who told me that there was an email that was sent to me by Nicole and I haven't received such an email. My son's Telkom mobile phone was stolen and when I tried to report it to the 24 hour Telkom call centre I was told that the systems were offline and nothing could be done but I was advised to log on to and try to blacklist the phone myself.


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