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Tunisia 2016 online dating

“You can be Muslim and advocate for women’s equality. This is what we try to explain to people.” Later, she launched a campaign to encourage women to vote, organising outreach efforts in rural areas and working class neighborhoods in particular.“There are a lot of very effective activists who can galvanize rooms, but usually they can galvanize rooms of activists,” says Hala Hanna, an associate director at the World Economic Forum, who has worked with Aswat Nissa in a private capacity, teaching women politicians.If the designation fee has not been paid and further processing is available, the validation fee can still be paid along with the further processing concerning the designation fee.If the validation fee is not paid in due time, the request for validation is deemed withdrawn. A reference to Tunisia as a validation state will be included in the request for grant form (EPA/EPO/OEB 1001) and the form for entry into the European phase (EPA/EPO/OEB 1200). On 3 July 2014, the President of the European Patent Office and the Tunisian Minister for Industry, Energy and Mines signed an agreement on validation of European patents (validation agreement).Having received assent and been ratified by Tunisian Law No. 2016-23 of the President of the Republic of Tunisia dated 15 March 2016, the validation agreement was then published by virtue of Presidential Decree No. The adoption of these pieces of legislation has created the legal basis necessary for the validation system to operate. The validation agreement will enter into force on 1 December 2017.

She would sometimes spend nights in the shelter, bringing friends to cook and dance and sing.

One of the first events that Ben Said organized after forming Aswat Nissa was a conference at which participants discussed women’s political participation in Arab and Muslim history.

“I strongly believe that God didn’t create me to be discriminated against and be massacred,” she says.

From that date it will be possible to validate European patent applications and patents in Tunisia, where, after validation, they will confer essentially the same protection as patents granted by the EPO for the now 38 member states of the European Patent Organisation. Validation in Tunisia is mainly governed by the annex to the validation agreement, as published together with Presidential Decree No. Validation in Tunisia occurs at the applicant's request.

2017-67 of in the Republic of Tunisia's Official Gazette No. 4.1 Validation in Tunisia is deemed requested for any European or international application filed on or after 1 December 2017.


  1. Apr 1, 2018. All income tax information is summarized by FMBZ KPMG Tunisia, the. number of days rule when it comes to residency start and end date?

  2. Date of submission of this report, the country lacks comprehensive legislation to. and gender-based violence in Tunisia, 57 Nov. 2015, available online at.

  3. Jun 25, 2015. ; Updated. Patricia Hancocks, 64, met Tunisian Mondher Mezni when he was 26 via online dating.

  4. Tourism is returning to Tunisia after the 2015 terror attacks, but international visitors remain in short supply in its capital, leaving its Roman ruins and key.

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