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Updatepanel inside repeater not updating

Inside of markup code, within table tags, I have the following defined: I am using a Timer control, and whenever tick event gets raised, I check if the panel is outdated. foreach (Repeater Item item in Repeater Test Suites. I am using one updatepanel to do the partial update.This works well when I call the method Update Panel. This panel is not updating when there any required field validators are included in the page and they have some error.To create trigger-like behavior, you can register a control on the page as an asynchronous postback control.You do this by calling the Register Async Post Back Control method of the Script Manager control.You can then create an event handler that runs in response to the asynchronous postback, and in the handler, call the Update method of the control contains a Details View control that displays the details of one order.When you select an order from the first table, details for that order are displayed in the second table.

The sorting and paging operations in the orders summary table also cause partial updates.

Then check the header or the custom form field in server code.

control programmatically, but you cannot add triggers programmatically.

NET page framework to notify server controls that use composition-based implementation to create any child controls they contain in preparation for posting back or rendering.(Inherited from Control.) This API supports the product infrastructure and is not intended to be used directly from your code.

Assigns an event handler delegate to render the server control and its content into its parent control.(Inherited from Control.) controls are a central part of AJAX functionality in ASP. They are used with the Script Manager control to enable partial-page rendering.


  1. When using an Update Panel inside of a Repeater, the postback does not update the repeater's UpdatePanel on first click, and on second click, all Items from the.

  2. Hello, I have a DataList inside of an UpdatePanel that is not reloading. I have to manually refresh the page to see new results. aspScriptManager runat="server.

  3. Nested inside other UpdatePanel controls. Inside templated controls such as the GridView or Repeater controls. UpdatePanel controls can be added declaratively or.

  4. Looking for some help with the following I have a button inside an UpdatePanel inside a Repeater in a UserControl - SAVE BUTTON I have a list inside an UpdatePanel.

  5. The following controls are not compatible with partial-page updates, and are therefore not designed to work inside an UpdatePanel control

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