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Updating apache

New Account requests will only be accepted from PMC chairs and ASF members.

If both of these pieces of information are provided on the ICLA form; and the ICLA is sent to the correct address ([email protected]); and secretary or assistant can verify a [VOTE][RESULT] for the new committer, the account will be requested by the person (secretary or assistant) filing the ICLA.PMC Chairs / Vice Presidents SHALL timely submit a report on their project health on a quarterly basis to the Board, or when requested by a director.In the absence of the PMC Chair, any other PMC members may write and submit the report.If the ICLA included the PMC name, normally the account will already have been set up in the correct LDAP group that will grant access to the project source repository.If not, the PMC takes over and provides the rest of the infrastructure needs.PMCs SHALL ensure that the work on their project and the code that they produce complies with relevant Legal Affairs Committee policies, including appropriately using the Apache License, handling IP and copyrights correctly, handling cryptography, and producing official software releases of their products.PMCs SHALL ensure that they manage their projects brand and treat all ApacheĀ® marks properly as defined both in the overview of PMC Branding Responsibilities as well as the Apache Project Branding Requirements that defines requirements for project websites.For more information on how Apache projects are run, see "What makes Apache projects different?", the Apache Community Development website, and this essay requiring Apache Projects to act Independently. The Board expects all PMCs to understand and comply with these policies.You need to first ensure that the new committer fills out the appropriate forms (including the CLA ).An account will not be processed without the CLA acknowledged by the ASF secretary or a board member. The Apache Phone Book has an Unlisted CLAs page which is generated daily from the file, so the recently received CLAs will appear there.


  1. The Apache HTTP Server Project is a collaborative software development effort aimed at creating a robust, commercial-grade, featureful, and freely-available source.

  2. Walkthrough Updating a Stack. With AWS CloudFormation, you can update the properties for resources in your existing stacks.

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