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Updating older airport extremme

Apple may have stopped developing its Air Port-branded wireless base station devices, but it certainly continues to support users with timely software updates.

Just today, they released new firmwares for the Air Port Express, Extreme and Time Capsule base stations.

The official release notes say that the new firmwares contain a patch for that widely reported KRACK vulnerabilities that plagued many modern Wi-Fi routers, networks and devices.

Thankfully enough, Apple has already patched these dangerous WPA2 exploits in i OS and mac OS.

If you have an Air Port Express, Air Port Extreme or Air Port Time Capsule (with 802.11n or 802.11ac Wi-Fi), you'll want to download this firmware update right away. First, you'll want to be sure no one's accessing data through your Air Port devices.

If any of your Air Ports are used to share an internal or external hard drive, make sure no one's accessing that data when you update.

However, antivirus maker Sophos speculates this could have allowed hackers to get into your network if you visited even an innocuous looking website—without even clicking anything on the page—by directing your browser to a "booby trapped" domain.

I have been having some weird issues with the network in my apartment since the update.On i OS devices, you must tap Version on the details screen, then Download and Install on the next.If you’re using your base station to share a hard drive on your network, you must make sure that none of the devices on your network are currently using that drive because the update process causes your Air Port and its network services to become temporarily unavailable.With full access to your computers, it would be simple to steal your data or even hold your computer hostage with ransomware.While we've heard no reports of this vulnerability actually being exploited, you certainly don't want to take the risk that it might be.You can update your Air Port via Apple’s Air Port Utility app for i Phone, i Pad and Mac.Make sure that you’re connected to the Internet and the same Wi-Fi network as your Air Port device, then launch Air Port Utility on your i OS or mac OS device.If you see a numbered red badge next to the name of your base station, hit it for details.On Mac, the details view shows an Update button when a new firmware is available.(This is most likely to come up if one of your computers is backing up to or restoring from an Air Port Time Capsule.) Anyone reading or writing data to that drive will be abruptly disconnected when the firmware updates, which can be a problem.After that, just fire up your Air Port Utility for i OS, OS X or Windows.


  1. AirPort Extreme and Time Capsule Firmware Update 7.7.7 - For AirPort Extreme and Time Capsule base stations with 802.11ac. Download the latest versions of.

  2. According to the denizens of the Internet, the Airport Extreme you have sitting in your hallway or. Tap the router, tap the version and choose from the "“Older Versions” in the list. If only it was as easy to roll back the iOS updates themselves.

  3. Apr 26, 2018. Apple also will continue to support the older routers for service and parts for. The company last updated its $199 AirPort Extreme and $299.

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