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Updating tables within cursor loop

In this case .reread() will make those changes appear on the form.

will rerun the existing form query against the data source, therefore updating the list with new/removed records as well as updating existing ones.

will only re-read the CURRENT record from the DB so you should not use it to refresh the form data if you have added/removed records.

ex - Maps define X elements that wrap table objects at run time.

- Different memory locations will be created for both variables.

- Here there will be temporary variable created in the function stack which does not affect the original variable.

Virtual company accounts contain data in certain tables that are shared by any number of company accounts.

This allows users to post information in one company that will be available to another company.


  1. Another important difference between temporary tables and containers is how they are used in method calls. When you pass a temporary table into a method.

  2. IBM Corporation IBM Power Systems 5 XML Integration with DB2 Rich XML Support within DB2 for i – integrated solution that replaces DB2 XML

  3. Using PL/SQL With Object Types. Object-oriented programming is especially suited for building reusable components and complex applications.

  4. Tables. Use a collective name or, less ideally, a plural form. For example in order of preference staff and employees. Do not prefix with tbl or any.

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