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Check out what I’m trying to do, maybe you can help?Template Fields, which were the topic of discussion in the Using Template Fields in the Grid View Control and Using Template Fields in the Details View Control tutorials, can consist of multiple templates defining separate interfaces for different row states.The Template Field's to provide a more foolproof user interface.The Grid View and Details View controls in the examples we've explored over the past three tutorials have all been composed of Bound Fields and Check Box Fields (the field types automatically added by Visual Studio when binding a Grid View or Details View to a data source control through the smart tag).When editing a row in a Grid View or Details View, those Bound Fields that are not read-only are converted into textboxes, from which the end user can modify the existing data.While this exception can be gracefully handled as demonstrated in the previous tutorial, ideally the editing or inserting user interface would include validation controls to prevent a user from entering such invalid data in the first place.In order to provide a customized editing or inserting interface, we need to replace the Bound Field or Check Box Field with a Template Field.For a while now I’m trying to figure out why my method, triggered by the Grid View.Row Updating event, doesn’t work as all samples say it should do.Figure 1: The Previous Example Allows Users to Add New Products and Edit Existing Ones (Click to view full-size image) Our goal for this tutorial is to augment the Details View and Grid View to provide validation controls.In particular, our validation logic will: in action).


  1. In my custom gridView control I cannot raise the RowUpdated event. I have tried to add an event handler to the RowUpdated event of my custom control but it is.

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