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What is a cougar women dating younger men

They are women that look much younger than they are, whether through plastic surgery or staying healthy and being fit, that choose to date younger men for a variety of reasons. Lori Seeber, who was recently dubbed the Queen Cougar of Edmonton, states that most younger men (or as she calls them puppies), “take great care of themselves and go to the gym.” For her the physical attraction has to be there.Other Cougars like Rosa Hildebrandt, a 55-year-old businesswoman from Chino, Calif.And some like Tobey are not looking for commitment and like the fact that it can be a fling.Cougars are confident women, many corporate or in a role of power of some type.

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They are attracted to the “youngish package combined with a more ‘mature’ mental package,” according to another Cougar interviewed.As such, Hildebrandt’s motto is “if it happens it happens.” She is well aware of the risks in dating someone younger (like if he wants to eventually start a family) but she doesn’t let that stop her pursuits.Lori loves the fact that there is no expectations between a Cougar and a puppy, the relationship is more open and stress free.Of course, straightforward doesn’t mean vulgar or insensitive; we prefer honesty.That way we know where we stand and can make a decision based on facts.And if you are a younger man trying to make yourself more attractive to older women, follow these few simple guidelines by Catharine Hay, owner and dating advisor for ‘He’s 25, She’s 41′: If a younger man wants to get to know an older woman better, he should start out by speaking over the telephone with her as opposed to texting.Women in their 40s and 50s did not grow up with the practice of “texting” and might consider it a bit offensive.We want to know that you are able to see beyond the signs of age to the woman within.A special thanks goes out to Rich Gosse – the Executive Director of Cougar and the author of The Cougar Imperative: Why Mid Life Women MUST Choose Younger Men – and Lucia – CEO of The Cougar Club – who connected me to the cougars interviewed in this piece.who was crowned Miss Cougar Corona Del Mar in 2011, site similar-aged men as a reason for going younger.She dates younger men as “men my age do not approach me.


  1. Cougars are financially stable and mentally independent women in the 40+ age range looking to date younger men. They are women that look much younger.

  2. May 18, 2018. When an older woman takes a liking to a younger man, we often call her. 58-Year-Old "Cougar" Explains Benefits Of Dating Her 24-Year-Old.

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