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Some of the meteorites have sharp “shrapnel-type” edges.

The hypothesis is that most of the meteorite was vaporized upon hyper-velocity impact, but on contact, some parts were ejected in the explosion as shrapnel before the main body was vaporized.

These meteorites have rounded edges with regmaglypts.

Regmaglypts are thumbprint-like depressions caused by the uneven flow of air during passage through the atmosphere and the consequent surface melting and ablation.

(Department of Earth and Atmospheric Sciences, University of Alberta)A summary diagram, which illustrates the meteorite distribution, local sample sites and auger holes, ejecta blanket, and the proposed flight path of the impactor.

Grid spacing is 50 m (Kofman et al – Meteoritics & Planetary Science 2010).

Several other meteorites of similar scale were recovered from additional localized anomalies evident only in the raw data.

The Whitecourt Impact Crater taken from GOZoo M at about 1000′ AGL with the same perspective as the Li DAR image above..

The crater was extremely difficult to identify from the air (do you see it? The crater is circled in this image at the end of this article., striking the surface at an angle between 40° and 55° to horizontal.

It appears that the main mass survived atmospheric transit relatively intact, with fragmentation and partial melting during impact.

Most meteoritic material has a jagged, shrapnel-like morphology and is distributed downrange of the crater.


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