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Who is sookie from true blood dating

But after the duo hooked up, Eric cleverly glamoured Alcide into not remembering the night and thinking of Sookie as disgusting. Eric Northman From the moment the sexy Sheriff debuted, everyone was smitten by his dark and mysterious side.

Naturally, we worried when Eric seemed to be obsessed with her, even going so far as tricking her into drinking his blood so they'd be bound together. Scoop: Meet Sookie's sexy new love interest Rob Kazinsky Ben Flynn Sookie literally stumbled upon Ben, a faerie hybrid like herself, after he was attacked by a vampire in Bon Temps.

After all, it wouldn't be the first time that Sookie (Anna Paquin) got herself mixed up in trouble thanks to a love interest, be it Bill (Stephen Moyer), Eric (Alexander Skarsgard) or Alcide (Joe Manganiello).

Even though he's relinquished his ownership over Sookie's home, it's clear that he still cares for her deeply.

Which is why you better be nice if you plan on getting a drink tonight.

In fact it really pisses me off that my momma was either stupid or just plain mean.

You're supposed to take care of me, that's what you said! Too often we're governed by criminals and hypocrites. But I can tell you're a man of virtues and I applaud the effort you're making against the poor and disenfranchised. So many things can happen to bring down a person such as yourself.

And I'm so hungry and all you do is talk and I'm starving and you are so mean! [Bill grabs a bottle from his four-pack of Tru Blood]Lafayette: [while shaking the senator's hand] I am so happy and proud to shake the hand of someone with your values. I slept in the bed every night with him and all that time, it was nothing but lies.


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