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Wow beta hangs at updating setup files

Date: 2015-03-28 In his checklist dated 2012-10-03 concerning installing VB6 in Windows 8, adrianhalid advised:"7.Update Microsoft Virtual Machine for Java."How do I do this ?With you being a 'developer', and VB6 being a development tool, and you using to produce applications, this makes a production application, breaking your MSDN agreement.If you're looking for software to do the installation for you, you can check out Nuke. I think the Data access fails because RDS Remote Data Services are no longer included in Windows 8 2012-11-09 With Data Access unticked would this mean I wouldn't be able to link an Access 2003 database?The executable was a VB6 program that had been compiled under Windows 8.1., where the "Run as an administrator" for vb6was not checked.

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This tutorial will (hopefully) help you get VB6 installed on your Windows 8 system! At this point it warns saying the component is essential. Also, the runtime error for an executable with this problem is the generic 50003 error.Also, I may have included some unecessary steps, but like I said, this is the process that worked on my test system. If you don't you'll at the very least be forced to reboot after the installation of a very old version of Java. Date: 2013-06-26 Ive now installed VB6 on Win8/64 bit on both VMware and non-virtualized/real Win8/64, using the excellent advice on this page and the corresponding Win7 page.The following system was used to test this procedure: No other software has been loaded on to the system. Your results and process may vary for 32-bit systems, or if you have installed any other software, but should work. Insert the disk into the drive (or mount the ISO), after which autorun should detect the disk, and ask for action, at which point you should ignore or dismiss it. I've also seen where the Java install gets "stuck", in that Java tries to install every time you run setup, and forces a reboot every single time, due to the inability to completely install. (I often have VB6 compatibility set to Vista SP2 rather than XP as it seems to have the same effect as XP in fixing the control draw/resizing "jiggly" effect, and my project has some XP-specific alignment code which does not display correctly in Win 8 etc.)Ive encountered two minor issues:-a) If the very-useful MZ-Tools add-in is set to load on startup, and compatibility mode of VB6 is set to Vista SP2 or earlier (e.g. Although, one of the machines has a problem with control placement on forms. I've got it running on all three of my Win8 machines.So, do yourself a favor, and create the zero byte file. Visual Studio 6.0 Enterprise Edition shown with options Custom, Products or Server Application.15. Click Next and Accept the Agreement and click Next19. XP), then VB6 loads very slowly, and selecting controls is sluggish.It only adds a minute to your process, and it's worth it. At this point click Exit on the installer and confirm with Yes otherwise an error will be shown if you continue.16. If compatibility mode is set to Win7 or switched off (or MZ-Tools not loaded) then things are quick.Second, you can acquire an MSDN subscription with Microsoft, which will grant you access to the VB6 ISO and Service packs for it.This also grants you access to other software in the library as well. Basically, MSDN licensing means that it can be only used for testing and QA, not in production. Date: 2012-11-10 SP6 went on without a hitch, just by running through the setup. I may just stick with using VB6 on my laptop with Windows Vista in the end but it'd be nice to get it working on Windows 8!


  1. It seems to load very slowly the files it needs and then once it gets to the "Setup is starting Windows", just before it actually installs it just hangs. I have removed all non used PCI devices, but same thing.

  2. Microsoft released Visual Studio 2015 Update 1 on November 30, 2015. This article lists the fixed bugs and known issues for Microsoft Visual Studio 2015 Update 1. To see the full list of Visual Studio 2015 products and to select a product for download, check out Visual Studio Downloads. Assume that

  3. Hey all, this is your friendly neighborhood Araxom just dropping in. Over the course of the last week or so, I've seen an increased number of reports by players either here or on our own site, reporting the StarCraft II launcher is just hanging on checking for updates without making much progress.

  4. I got excited for a second because it looked like updating set up files went. with this Updating setup files. a similar problem with the beta for wow but. Beta is now open? may be a bug • r/Diablo - reddit

  5. As most of the world knows, Microsoft has made available a consumer preview of Windows 8. While this is still considered beta software, I highly recom.

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